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Support Center


Introduction video and basic operation

Red light only on boot up (no green or flashing green light). Unit won't start.

Stratux WiFi network not showing up after boot up

What tablet should I use?

Why isn’t weather displaying?

How do I update my Stratux software?

How long does the included battery last?

Can I power direct from the plane?

Samsung tablet troubleshooting

Is there a way to install an on/off switch for shutdown?

What’s the HDMI and audio port for?

How can I add AHRS to my Stratux build?

How can I tighten loose antenna ports?

How do I use the rubberized strap?

GPS troubleshooting

How do I stop traffic alerts from my own aircraft?

What are the slits on the side of the unit?

Why can't I see distant traffic in ForeFlight?

How can I configure AHRS alerts in iFly?

Why is ForeFlight ADS-B traffic showing at incorrect altitudes?

How do I disable traffic alerts in ForeFlight?

How do I enable Stratux developer mode?

Where can I find the latest version of the Stratux software?

How do I enable FLARM with Skydemon?

Avare setup guide

Is new ADS-B weather information such as icing, lightning, cloud tops supported?

Does Stratux work with Air Navigation Pro?

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