Red LED Pen Light with Tablet Stylus

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This Red LED Pilot Pen and Tablet Stylus has a stylus on one side and the other is a pen that can be opened and pushed in to activate the light. It includes a metal case, 3 replacement batteries, 2 ink refills and a lanyard that connects from your pen to a tablet audio jack to prevent your pen from rolling around the cockpit if it’s dropped.

  • PILOT PEN: one side stylus for use with your tablet, other side is pen with red LED light for preseving your night vision
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: pilot pen includes the red LED pen, metal carrying case, 2 ink refills, 3 button cell battery refills, and lanyard to attach to tablet audio jack
  • VERSATILE: pen can be used as a tablet stylus and lights up with red LED light
  • NIGHT VISION: the red LED is perfect for preserving your night vision. Great for pilots, medical personnel, camping, hunting, and military. Deep red color of 670 nanometers wavelength.
  • WARRANTY: backed by a 90 day manufacturer warranty

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Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions8 × 1 × 1 in

7 reviews for Red LED Pen Light with Tablet Stylus

  1. Amy Esposito

    Amazing product from an amazing company! Useful, innovative, and priced waaaay below anyone else.

  2. FlyNavy

    This has become my all time favorite pen!!!I’m always searching for the right pen. As a pilot, I’m pretty picky with things like this.High quality and feels great in the hand.Pen comes with a great case and spare batteries.Engineering of the pen is pretty cool… open the pen and put the cap on the end and the LED comes on.It’s magic 🤪Highly recommend.

  3. LaDonna Shafer

    Love this pen. Had a chance to night fly the other night and the red LED pen was easy to use and the lanyard came in handy when the pen rolled off my lap. Excellent product.

  4. cdwickli

    This pen is great. I use it every flight as a commercial pilot. It has some weight to it which adds to the quality of the product. The red light is easy on the eyes and prevents flash blindness in a dark cockpit. The stylus cap works well with my ipad. As long as I can keep my other crewmembers from stealing it, I believe this pen will give me years of use in flight.

  5. Joshuafm

    This is a beautiful, amazing product and a perfect gift.

  6. Jack Ryan-Boyd

    I love the pen. Being a pilot in training myself, I seriously found the pen so useful. In terms of being able to have a convenient red light and wire attached to my iPads audio so I don’t loose it. This pen is also very high quality, this thing is not a novelty at all, it’s a must have. It combines the style and class of a high quality pen with the functionality pilots require. My only hope is I don’t loose it or have it stolen on me, but if I did I’d buy more anyways.

  7. Sarree

    I think this would have been great, but I lost it a week after I got it….😓 ….it would make a nice gift for someone.

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