PiAware Ground Station

Unit comes with 1090 SDR and UAT radio receivers installed. MicroSD card is already programmed with PiAware 5.0. Setup instructions:

  • If you have an ethernet port and cable you can insert the SD card into the unit, plug in the ethernet cable, then go to step 4 on the link below.
  • If you are using WiFi then use the included SD adapter to copy PiAware-config.txt to your desktop and edit the file with your WiFi info (start on step 3 of the setup guide), then copy PiAware-config.txt back to the microSD card. Once configured, carefully insert your microSD card gold end facing up and plug in using included USB cable and adapter. Start on step 3 of the setup guide link below.
  • Power on the unit with the included adapter and cable, screw in the included antennas, then follow the setup guide to configure your unit.
  • Setup guide link (start on step 3 for WiFi, 4 for ethernet):