Fly Safer with Stratux ADS-B

Live weather and traffic data, GPS, attitude and heading reference information at a price you can afford.


What's Inside?

Out of the box Stratux quick setup video


A necessary safety aid for anyone flying in crowded airspace or flight training in proximity with other maneuvering aircraft, and a relatively tiny investment to keep you safe and violation-free.

Jan Drees

This thing is amazing! You see other traffic, it has a solid GPS lock and is light and compact. Setting it up is a breeze. If you fly with an iPad you should have this unit for added safety in any aircraft.

Bruce P.

My CFI showed me his Stratux build. After reading about the project online I decided to go with this unit to make sure everything was put together properly. Couldn't be happier with the device. 

Michael DaSilva


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