Aviation Landing or Taxi Light Flasher

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Aviation Landing Light Flasher or Taxi Light Flasher is easy to install and is simple to use.A

  • EASY INSTALL: Aviation Landing Light Flasher requires no switches. Light will cycle between flashing and steady state.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: power light on once for steady operation, off and on again for flashing, cycle just repeats
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: works on function on any light under 35 watts and with a volt range from 8v-30v. Wires included.

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6 reviews for Aviation Landing or Taxi Light Flasher

  1. Nicholas A Guthmiller

    This was the best upgrade to my helicopter. I can see double the destance now at night also the flasher upgrade helps in low vizability, more than I thought it would! Great buy!

  2. Partyof4

    Buy these instead of the expensive competitors’ version – really. Customer support was top notch. Quick, accurate, complete response to unique customer requirements…even consulted their engineer for me. Install was easy and self evident. I purchased 2 x bulbs and 2 x flashers for the cost of one competitor bulb. Why buy anywhere else?Brighter than imagined. Flasher enables daytime recognition, and steady light for night landings and taxi. Very eye-catching and a definite safety improvement. I plan to leave these lights on 100% of the time day and night. Go get some and install them. Simple, quick, easy, safer.

  3. CLF

    This increases your visibility and safety by miles. Had several in the pattern mention how much further they could see me with the flashers on. I was number 2 on a 8 mile final and they said they could see me before aircraft 1. I highly recommend these flashers to anyone who wants to increase their visibility to other traffic.

  4. GrandCanyonMan

    I replaced two incandescent GE lights with two new PAR 36 Aviation Grade Aircraft Landing Lights along with this suggested flasher switch. I’m impressed so far! The bulb and flasher install was incredibly easy, although there were no install instructions included. I contacted Sean at Crew Dog Electronics and his customer service was superb. I communicated with Sean via email and text to confirm install instructions and he was excellent and immediately responsive. Sean was great to help and ensure my satisfaction. Once installed, the flasher works great and cycles easily from flash to steady as desired. The switch seems a little pricy compared to other similar switches which would be my only concern and why I didn’t rate it five stars.My suggestions that could improve the product or your install even better would be:1) Include written install instructions with simple diagram, including wire crimping instructions with the goodie flasher switch.3) I installed the flasher switch with a simple industrial strength Velcro tab. This was not included but could have been and was extremely simple and a perfect solution rather than mounting it using the screw tabs.Overall, I’m totally happy with these lights and flasher switch so far.

  5. Brian J.

    Easy to install and works great.

  6. Martin Pegelow

    Very easy install. works great.

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