PAR36 Aviation Grade LED Aircraft Landing or Taxi Light

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  • INCREDIBLE BRIGHTNESS: 2,100 raw lumen output from 18 high quality LEDs, 15 times brighter than incandescent bulbs, crystal clear glass lens
  • LONG LIFE: shatter and thermal resistant Borosilicate glass lens won’t yellow over time like cheap plastic models, OSRAM LEDs with 50,000 hour lifespan, die-cast aluminum housing for maximum heat dissipation
  • EASY INSTALL: screw on terminals with polarity labels, no pigtails to wire, accepts 12-14 volts DC with with 80% less amp draw
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: PAR36 Aviation Grade LED replaces GE4505, GE4509, GE4313, GE4591, GE4594, GE4595 GE4596, GE Q4631
  • OPTIMIZED BEAM: daylight color (5500k – 6500k) optimizes obstacle reflection, 20 degree cone shape for landing.

High quality PAR36 Aviation Grade LED landing light for most general aviation aircraft.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in

13 reviews for PAR36 Aviation Grade LED Aircraft Landing or Taxi Light

  1. Nicholas A Guthmiller

    This was the best upgrade to my helicopter. I can see double the destance now at night also the flasher upgrade helps in low vizability, more than I thought it would! Great buy!

  2. Partyof4

    Buy these instead of the expensive competitors’ version – really.Customer support was top notch.Quick, accurate, complete response to unique customer requirements…even consulted their engineer for me.Install was easy and self evident.I purchased 2 x bulbs and 2 x flashers for the cost of one competitor bulb.Why buy anywhere else?Brighter than imagined.Flasher enables daytime recognition, and steady light for night landings and taxi.Very eye-catching and a definite safety improvement.I plan to leave these lights on 100% of the time day and night.Go get some and install them.Simple, quick, easy, safer.

  3. David Van Horn

    Fits great, easy install, throws lots of light. Can’t even see the ammeter needle move when I turn it on, it draws so little current. It’s protected, so if you hook it up backward (50/50 chance) the first time it doesn’t hurt it, it just doesn’t light up. Swap the connectors around and voila.

  4. Hillndale

    This PAR36 LED landing light was received quickly, well packaged. The construction looks great and it fit perfectly in the assembly that held the old incandescent light, requiring no modification. Although I bought 2 of them with the intention to replace both the burned out and still functional standard incandescent lights, I thought this would be a great opportunity for a comparison and waited for nightfall to light up the LED (port) & incandescent (starboard) before replacing the still good incandescent.The LED was much whiter and appeared to throw a lot more light. I’ve taken a shot over the wing from each side and a shot taken standing at the nose of the plane. If you look closely at the nose shot, you’ll notice that there is a super imposed shadow of me in the incandescent’s light which was cast from the scattered light from the LED. This artifact illustrates just how much brighter that part of the beam is cast by the LED.I noticed that the incandescent is focused much more tightly than the LED, but the LED’s central area still seemed at least as bright as the incandescent. The wider spot of the LED would be advantageous in aiding recognition by other aircraft, when landing at night with a crosswind, and might allow a better chance to see deer close to the runway. My old incandescents draw enough amperage that my 60 amp alternator can’t keep up when turning both landing lights on with all avionics on. This won’t be a problem with the LED’s.The improved service life should also be a huge plus. The old incandescents have a habit of going out when you really need them (like on my last night landing). Although they’re significantly less than LED’s…the LED’s will come out cheaper when I factor in the additional expense of paying my mechanic to replace the incandescents a few times. I’m happy with these lights, and VERY happy with the price. I don’t know how these would compare to other LED landing lights on the market but I suspect that they would compare favorably…and some of their competitors are more than 3X the price.

  5. Amazon Customer

    A great landing light that is super bright, and well made.I bought this for my Glastar, and it works perfectly.It did have some technical questions and the seller was quick to provide accurate and concise customer support.

  6. David Anderson

    Very nicely built,good tight beam.Will be instaling on aVarga with flasher.

  7. Greg

    Installed the LED bulb and flasher in my Bonanza just yesterday – the install was a breeze, everything I needed was included and it works flawlessly – couldnt’ be happier!Bright bulb that far surpasses the old style offering, and doesn’t draw anything from a power standpoint.A great addition,a great supplier, couldn’t be happier!

  8. GrandCanyonMan

    These LED lights are fantastic. So incredibly bright that I anxiously awaited for nightfall to get out and give them a whirl. I replaced two incandescent GE lights, both of which were just two years old and both were broken and burned out.These two PAR 36 Aviation Grade Aircraft Landing Lights along with the suggested flasher switch are the perfect replacement! The install was incredibly easy, although there were no install instructions included. I’m impressed with the price, the product, and the support from Sean at Crew Dog Electronics was superb.I communicated with Sean via email and text to confirm install instructions and he was excellent and immediately responsive. Sean was great to help and ensure my satisfaction.My suggestions that could improve the product or your install even better would be:1) Include written install instructions with simple diagram, including wire crimping instructions if you purchase the optional goodie flasher switch.2) The positive and negative terminals on the back of each bulb are not identified, which would have been helpful knowing exactly which is which since you’ll have no choice but to experiment to get it right (since it does matter for LED lights and it does not matter with the old incandescent bulbs).3) If you buy the goodie light flasher switch with your bulb, install it with a simple industrial strength Velcro tab. This was not included but could have been and was extremely simple and a perfect solution rather than mounting it using the screw tabs.Overall, I’m totally happy with these lights and flasher switch so far. The lights claim to have a 50,000+ hour life.How anyone could prove that is beyond me, but hopefully I’ll never need to replace them again in my lifetime. We’ll see!

  9. Humpmeimapilot

    Holy cow is it bright!I used it as a taxi light which is my fault because it is a beam light not a flood light. But it lit up the ramp!

  10. ec35r

    Easy install and a perfect fit on my Bonanza . Reasonable price too.I’m happy!

  11. DeltaFoxCo LLC

    8 times brighter than my old incandescents.Did have one of two that would not illuminate, CrewDog Inc had a replacement at my door within 3 days of notification.

  12. Dave Van Horn

    Love this light. Drop in replacement, throws way more light and should last nearly forever!

  13. Jim Lewis

    Nicely done. Easy to install. The polarity markings are along the outside edges of the bulb not close o the connectors. Very happy with the [product and the price.

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