Stratux ADS-B Receiver Aviation Weather and Traffic – External GPS

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  • ASSEMBLED ADS-B IN UNIT: Stratux dual band ADS-B receiver includes removable external GPS puck, AHRS, fan controller, 6000mAh battery pack, suction mount, strap, SD card adapter, supports ForeFlight Synthetic Vision and other popular EFBs. It has a 30 day return policy and technical support backed by Crew Dog Electronics.
  • RELIABLE INFORMATION: High-gain dmurray14 antennas are optimized for 978 MHz and 1090 MHz frequencies allowing you to receive and display air-to-air traffic, data, and FIS-B weather including animated regional and CONUS NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, AIR/SIGMETs, PIREPs, winds and temps aloft, TFRs, NOTAMs, and SUA information.
  • PORTABLE: Stratux is a highly portable receiver including a suction mount for window mounting. Provides ADS-B traffic and weather information and navigation GPS position using removable GPS puck with internal GPYes WAAS GPS receiver, supports multiple iPads, iPhones, or Android tablets connected via WiFi. Perfect for WiFi only iPads and tablets.
  • LATEST FIRMWARE: Latest Stratux software (v1.6r1) is already loaded on MicroSD card. Just plug in included rechargeable battery pack for 6 hours of flying time. Supports pass-through charging.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Stratus 3 functionality at Scout prices. Built using Raspberry Pi 3 board and parts direct from Stratux project founder. Supports ForeFlight, FlyQ EFB, Navigator, AvNav, WingX, Avare EFB, FltPlan Go, DroidEFB, AerovieReports, Avplan EFB, iFly GPS, DroidEFB, OzRunways EFB. Does NOT work with Garmin.

Stratux dual band ADS-B receiver transforms your tablet into the ultimate flight tool with Wide Area Augmentation (WAAS) GPS, subscription-free ADS-B weather and air-to-air traffic. WAAS GPS provides accurate information coordinates within +/- 2.5m. It includes embedded AHRS chip supporting ForeFlight Synthetic Vision and other EFBs. AHRS stands for Attitude and Heading Reference System. This provides true yaw, pitch, and roll information to your favorite EFB.

Introduced more than a decade ago by the FAA, ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) provides weather and traffic information to all aircrafts equipped with an ADS-B receiver, such as the Stratux, subscription-free.

The Stratux provides the following ADS-B In services: Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) – FIS-B provides regional and continental NEXRAD radar imagery from the National Weather Service, as well as NOTAMs, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, winds aloft and other valuable in-flight weather services. FIS-B also includes information on temporary flight restrictions (TFR) and special use airspaces (SUA). It also receives traffic information on the 978 (ground to air) frequency for local traffic coverage and 1090 (air to air) for the widest possible coverage area, allowing you to receive and display air-to-air traffic, data, and FIS-B weather including animated regional and CONUS NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, AIR/SIGMETs, PIREPs, winds and temps aloft, TFRs, NOTAMs, and SUA information.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 2 in

307 reviews for Stratux ADS-B Receiver Aviation Weather and Traffic – External GPS

  1. Nick

    I was originally going to order a Stratus as I had used my friend’s and really liked it, but then I learned of this device which could be had for much cheaper while providing the exact same functionality. Boy am I glad I didn’t spend the money on the Stratus.

    This device has been working just like the Stratus (but for hundreds of dollars cheaper), allowing me to see weather and traffic while flying my Sonex. Being a strictly VFR only aircraft, the ability to get METARs and radar have been paramount on long cross countries. The unit is of good quality and has worked perfectly on every flight. I highly recommend one to every GA pilot.

  2. P. Ford

    I’ve been using ForeFlight for years, but I didn’t want to pay the almost $1000 price tag associated with other ADS-B receivers. After giving this one a try I’m glad I didn’t! I get real time traffic and en-route weather that’s great for situational awareness. The battery pack lasts for a while and I can easily get several flights’ use out of it. Everything works as advertised.

  3. Dan

    This setup really delivers – you get all the value of the Stratux project, without the need to build it from scratch yourself. These units are tested and ready to go right out of the box with all of the best components already installed. Excellent performance for ADS-B weather, traffic, NOTAMs, etc. Why spend $1000 on a Stratus when you can get the same (and MORE) for so much less?

  4. kevin rondeau

    I can’t say enough good things about this item. I flew my training with a Stratus 2S but now that i fly alone back home in Hawaii i wanted one but i couldn’t see myself paying the high price. I got this one as I read it was very similar. I must say i haven’t found anything that the stratux doesn’t do that the Stratus does. I must say this is a must for Pilots who want GPS,Weather and ADS-B but don’t want to spend the high price of the Stratus 2S. After all i want to spend money flying not on equipment.

  5. Nicholas A Guthmiller

    Replacing my Stratus with this Stratux for a third of the price. Very happy with it! Does everything that I used with the stratus. Stratus will be sold soon!

  6. Luke Sullivan

    This product is immensely beneficial for various uses. Right now I use it in General Aviation for SA as a Flight Instructor. I plan to use it with military flying as well to supplement other aircraft systems for weather and traffic advisories. The instructions that come with the product are easy to follow and getting up and running is a quick process.

    I highly recommend to all pilots!

  7. Ray DaSilva

    Great ADSB receiver. I’m getting way more traffic information than I used to get with Dual XGPS. Also, very satisfied with the tech support from Crew Dog Electronics. They were great and answered my questions right way. Thanks guys.

  8. mamadou diallo

    Great Great Product, worth every penny. It takes about 4 min to get it unboxed and running. I am glad i did not get the Stratus and waited for a fully assembled Stratux. Thank you Crew Dog Electronics, Y’all Rock!

  9. Chris

    Used it the day after it arrived. Easy to hook up and it works great. I highly recommend.

  10. Sean

    This item works very well. I’ve been a working pilot for 10 years and i’ve held out on buying the stratus due to the high price. The only reason i’m giving this four stars is the GPS was inoperative when I received it. It took some trouble shooting to find out that the GPS module had some bad solder connections. Works great now. My only other complain is the lack of mounting options on this latest build. You have to buy a cell phone suction mount or DIY.

    Update (the very next day) – i’ve been communicating with Crew Dog Electronics customer support. They were very fast to help to replace and resolve my GPS issue. They also informed me the mount will be available shortly as this is a newly designed case. They have Excellent customer support and that deserves full credit!

  11. Amazon Customer

    Sold my old Stratus receiver for this unit and couldn’t be happier. Has GPS for my wifi only iPad and works well with synthetic vision in ForeFlight. Doesn’t hurt it was less than a third of the price of the Stratus 2S.

  12. Brandon

    Bit skeptical about this purchase. Stratux is a do-it-yourself kit, so buying from an extremely small unknown company was a bit of a gamble for me. But I ordered it anyway, figuring at the very least if it didn’t work Amazon is pretty solid about returns. It showed up, charged the battery pack–and I could not get the thing to sync up to my Ipad. I thought it was hopeless. But I called the number listed on the instructions sheet to see if I could get any help. Straight to voicemail. As I was getting ready to go through Amazon’s return policies, I got a call back! The guy putting these together is awesome! Very helpful, a military pilot/civilian pilot and instructor. Dude just loves aviation! Helped me out right over the phone…and this thing works awesome! Highly recommend this product/company. He does it more out of joy than making much money. Cash well spent.

  13. Li Zhang

    Works as expected. The battery and the receiver are bundled together using a nylon strape that comes with the package, which can be a bit loose. But that’s expected as a DIY build. The wifi and http settings page work great.

  14. Jason B Patton

    Great product! Great value!! Used it over a long weekend of flying VFR at night and the added terrain awareness with the Synth Vision was added reassurance! Worked as advertised! Would love to see this an improved base to keep battery pack and unit more secure either on the dash or attached to a side window. Thanks for making a great product that directly competes with much more expensive units!

  15. Annie Domko

    There is no better product out there, and at a fraction of the cost of a Stratus! The creator of this device is extremely smart, and was readily available to answer all of my questions both during the buying process as well as after I received the product. I was a transitioning military pilot, flying on my own for pleasure as well as for a private company in my job, and I was looking for a device that would give me a similar level of real-time information on traffic and weather that I had grown accustomed to having while flying military aircraft. This device was the answer! The Stratux is an invaluable tool for added situational awareness resulting in more educated decision-making during constantly changing flight conditions. In the world of recreational flying, I make a pitch for every single private pilot to get one of these devices to incorporate into their scan as they are learning to fly. It comes ready to use right out of the box, is very easy to get set up and connected to ForeFlight, and will result in safer flight ops the more people who use it. Everywhere I go for flying, whether for my job or recreation, the Stratux is with me! Thanks for keeping us safe!

  16. Jeffrey Wood

    The product is awesome and works great, I have only flown with it once but from my use it is a great device. My one issue is the current battery pack that is sent with it does not have an on an doff switch so if you leave the usb in the power source even if not plugged in anything it will drain the battery.

    Update: Sean, the seller reached out to my regarding the battery and was so willing to help. Customer service 100% and product 100%. You can’t go wrong with this product!


    Arrived quickly before my scheduled flight. Practiced with the configuration the day before my flight so I can be familiar with the interface. Added shortcut to the home page on my IPad. The interface via Safari is very self-explanatory. You can set the orientation from the settings page and you can reset the AHRS from AHRS menu. When I tested it on the ground it did not pick up pick up ADS-B towers. But as soon as we were in the aircraft airborne, it picked them up. I bought a holder with a suction cup for generic smartphone use. It worked great. I did not attach the battery pack to it. I thought it was too thick for the use. Instead, I left the pack nearby and hooked it with a longer USB/Micro-USB cord. Next flight I am going to try to hook it up the airplane’s charger. This way I won’t have to worry about locating the battery anymore. Lastly, it worked with Foreflight. Traffic was spot on.

  18. Kelly

    Very happy with unit. The setup was easy and having inflight weather is amazing. If you plan on flying cross country or locally this is a amazing tool to have.

  19. G. Sanders

    A great way to get into ADS-B in, inflight weather, and even AHRS. The web connection to this unit, for diagnosis and setting some options such as which airports to separately monitor for METAR’s, TAFs, etc. is very convenient. One mousetrap issue is that you should not turn on logging as this eats up memory on the microSD card very quickly. The Crew Dog folks were quick to answer my emails about this and I was able to reflash the memory card and recover the space. First rate customer service. I recommend this as an easy way to get into ADS-B.

  20. Jay Van Every

    Ordered a few days before a long VFR x-country trip in my 182 that I hadn’t been planning on. I had been planning on building my own using the stratux model. Having run out of time I decided to order this assembled unit. Does everything the STRATUS does except AHRS is a bit jumpy on Foreflight. I bet it’s just a matter of time before Mr. Young and the folks have that nailed too. AHRS on MOST EFBs seem to work great I hear. The inflight graphical radar and current countrywide METAR was critical as I was dodging wx for 1600 miles. Hey, it may be 5-15 minutes old, but keep it 50 miles away and no problem. It’s as good as FIS-B gets. The TIS-B I found was at or near realtime for traffic awareness. This unit made my trip much less difficult/dangerous as I could alter my plans in flight to avoid the weather. There was only one issue with it as the GPS antenna was flaky, but Foreflight had no problem using my old XGPS150a bluetoothed for GPS and the stratux for everything else. I contacted the manufacturer and they immediately shipped out a new GPS module and it works like a champ.
    So, in summary, it’s a STRATUX that is plug and play rather than DIY. It was worth the extra $100 to me as I didn’t have time to build it myself. The manufacturer support was fantastic

  21. Kindle Customer

    Best product ever! Works great. No problems at all.

    I spoke with the owner and I perceive him as a quality individual. As a business owner we aim to work with like minded quality and customer service and I would be happy to do business with this owner anytime in the future.

  22. Gary

    Nice quality, easy to set up and easy to use. Customer Service is awesome, I only had a question but I got a quick response. Now click “Buy Now” and you’ll be enjoying this in no time.

  23. Bruce P.

    This thing is amazing. You see other traffic, it has a solid GPS lock and is light and compact. Setting it up is a breeze. If you fly with an Ipad you should have this unit for added safety in any aircraft. Battery life is decent but make sure you have a spare to keep it running on long flights. The only suggestion I can come up with is a ON-OFF switch with ON light on the face of it so you don’t have to disconnect the battery to shut it off.

  24. Christian M

    So after some initial issues thought to be Stratux related, no exaggeration, within the hour I was contacted by Sean at Crew Dog Electronics. Full disclosure, having been over 30 days (almost 2 months) since I purchased the Stratux, I did not even consider getting a resolution from Crew Dog Electronics as a viable option. So I mistakenly assumed whatever ‘issues’ I had with the Stratux, I was on my own. However, I was very much mistaken. Even at this point, Sean at CDE was quick to try and assess the situation. With regards to my loss of GPS signal with the Statux while flying, it actually turns out that the EFB platform I use, Foreflight, has been having some serious connection loss issues with ADS-B devices such as Stratux and the Stratus 2 ever since they released their last update. After having done some research, I apparently am far from being the only one from having loss of GPS signal issues with an ADS-B receiver thats used in conjunction Foreflight. This is clearly a Foreflight issue and NOT a Stratux issue, and as a result, it seems some of these folks with similar issues are looking for other EFB platforms, and rightly so.

    All that being said, almost two months later Sean at Crew Dog Electronics offered at no cost to inspect, repair or replace my Stratux should there be an actual problem with the internal GPS, and of course is also addressing the loose antenna connection issue I mentioned in my initial review. I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised. Having had several email conversations with Sean within the past day or so regarding this issue, it is quite evident that he stands by his product, is genuinely passionate about putting forth a quality product but yet is quick to address any potential issues with the Stratux. You really cannot beat that sort of customer service, particularly when the alternative is costing you about $1000.

    UPDATE 11/2/17: Received the unit back from Crew Dog Electronics a few days ago and finally had a chance to fly with the unit yesterday and worked perfectly! Incidentally, ForeFlight also released an update during the time the unit was with Crew Dogs Electronics apparently after many complaints of loss of signal, and low and behold, not a single issue post update. That said, Crew Dogs Electronics was even nice enough to include their new mount for the Stratux, which went on without a hitch on the flying lawnmower, aka the Cessna 152. Again, I have to emphasize what total professionals and on top of their game they are at Crew Dogs Electronics. Cheers.

  25. AJ Cosgrove

    Great product and great sale. Showed up on time and as advertised. ADS-B works awesome on my iPad with Foreflight.

  26. Roger Doyle

    Amazingly intuitive and simple product that improves safety and awareness in flight. Great that it is a small business product and support is a Slack ask away. Would love options for shorter antennas and waiting for the easy mount, but still a great buy.

  27. Colorado

    Everything works really good. The only thing is that AHRS does not work in FF or FlyQ. FF is all jittery (basic+) and FlyQ locks the app and will have to close and reopen. They’re website says that also. So I just wish I would have gotten it without the ahrs chip. Cheaper and not needed. The ads-b is the main reason for getting it anyway. That’s why it gets 5 stars. Ads-b for rental plans that don’t have it. Well I do now! Thx CDE! Oh and IFLY gps works with the ahrs on the ground,,,didn’t try in plane though.

  28. Lewis & Associates

    This device is fantastic. Much more cost effective than the stratus. A great extra set of eyes for traffic and weather. I do suggest purchasing the stratux case mount, also, if you are going to be flying with the stratux on for over 4 hours, I suggest bringing another battery.

  29. Paul E. Miles

    Works well with Foreflight, FlyQ, Aervie and WingX Pro. About 4-5 hours on the battery.

  30. Nina Salamon

    Works very well as good as stratus2. and 1/4 the price should be in every plane that has an iPad or iPhone type device!!,

  31. Pasorider

    We purchased this product as an inexpensive way to view aviation traffic that is broadcasting ADS-B out.
    We couple it via wi-fi to an iPad mounted in the airplane. We were able to easily “hard wire” both items
    through a cigarette lighter adapter with usb input.
    We are very pleased with this purchase and recommend this product to aircraft owners looking for a quick and easy way to view ADS-B traffic without upgrading their existing avionics panel.
    Crew Dog Electronics has been very helpful in quickly responding to all of our questions.
    They have a video out on You Tube showing the operation of his product which is very helpful.

  32. Scott Weddle

    Works as advertised and saved a ton of cash! A little cumbersome with the shut down procedure and battery charging.

  33. Bill S

    Worked as soon as I charged battery. Took it for its first flight and was happy with weather and traffic display on ForeFlight. Did not bother with AHRS, but it worked (although kind of unstable) when testing on the ground. Sean’s videos are well-designed to get you going and he is available for questions via e-mail, phone, text, and probably other ways I don’t know about. The quick start video on the Crew Dog website will give you a good idea of what you are getting before you buy. You don’t need to buy the mount separately; it comes with the unit. Compared to Stratus, the unit is bulkier, battery life is shorter, and has antennae sticking out like a bug, but costs much less to get the same traffic and weather info.

  34. william c.

    Awesome product and customer service. I am using this with an ipad and flyq on a Powered Parachute. Light Sport Experimental. I fly under class B and this set up will be a nice addition, also have a transponder.

  35. Scott Shepherd

    I purchased this Stratux ADS-B receiver last week for use on my Ipad with ForeFlight on cross country trips. I wanted the ability to have in flight weather, TFRs, NOTAMS and other airspace information but I needed it to be affordable. This product fits the bill perfectly! After ordering, it arrived in only a couple days and came with everything I needed including a mount with suction cups to attach in the airplane and external battery. Getting the Stratux connected to my Ipad was a breeze (as simple as connecting to wifi) and I immediately started seeing air traffic in ForeFlight while sitting at my desk. Pretty amazing!
    A comparable Stratus receiver is $899.00 so save yourself over $600 bucks, buy this unit, then use the money you save to take your family on a nice cross country flight.
    Stratux ADS-B Dual Band Receiver Aviation Weather and Traffic – AHRS, Battery Pack, Suction Mount, Internal WAAS GPS, Antennas, SDR, Case with Fan for ForeFlight, FlyQ, WingX, iFly

  36. David in AZ

    This thing is AWESOME! FYI if using an iPad with cellular connection, set it up using a static IP address for wifi, then it will connect to the Stratux but send internet requests over cellular.

  37. Nathan Barber

    Great product and quick shipping! Had a small problem with one of the antennas and Crew Dog sent me a replacement with no hassle! Highly recommend!!

  38. Theodore H.

    Great product. Worked perfectly out of the box. Using with FltPlan Go where latest version(4.6.2) cleared up sensitivity issues with attitude instrument display

  39. Ryan Gantt

    Awesome product. Works like a charm; no fuss. Useful in the plane as well as in my living room watching planes on KSEA approach on the Foreflight sectional.

    Quick note: be sure to familiarze yourself with the Stratux AHRS orientation process before leaving the ground. You can find it through the FAQ on the Stratux github repository page. It’s a cool feature, but almost useless without some ground work.

  40. jim

    Great product , quality build , performs better that exspected. I texted Crew Dog for preferred mounting location for my plane and response was almost instant and very helpful

  41. Sashabear Lucas

    Shipped right on time and delivered with easy-to-follow directions to get started although the unit was ready to go right out of the box. The manufacturer also has a YouTube video for more helpful tips and hints. If you’re looking for a sub-$250 ADS-B/WAAS/AHRS unit with 978 & 1090 frequencies including traffic and weather, this is it. So far, excellent.


    Fast Shipment, easy setup, works like a charm. Fantastic product linked to I Fly software on my Samsung tab, gives me WAAS GPS, moving Map, Traffic, Weather fantastic product!

  43. Amazon Customer

    This is one easy way to have much more SA while flying. I fly VFR near Norfolk and Richmond and ADSB/weather is a godsend. I showed it to several friends in flight club and they could not believe how easy it is to use and how affordable it is.

  44. adam

    WOW Was I wrong for waiting to get this. I spoke to the guys at CrewDog before purchasing and they were very helpful. I didn’t know how far the help would extend. Even months after I bought the unit, they still continue to provide customer service that is above anything I have experienced in a very long time.
    I have used this unit in my 2008 KingAir 200 and in a Gulfstream at FL410. The most amazing thing was after departing the Westcoast, I was receiving weather information for KTEB. I was also getting radar images for the entire country. I cant imagine operating the aircraft without it now.
    My hat is off to the guys at CrewDog for being so kind and getting me up and running. Truly Remarkable.

  45. CntryClub007

    I own a Stratus 1S, I’ve used the 2S, I couldn’t stomach myself spending $800 to purchase a 2S. The costs were through the roof. Sean @ CDE does an absolutely phenomenal build with this Stratux. He takes out all of the guess work.

    Being an engineer myself, significant development and thought, customer service, as well as video references have been put into this product, therefore making it far superior to any other product on the market and incredibly easy to use.

    I bought an extra EasyACC battery from AMZN, so I’ve got 12,000mAh of charge.

    Zero complaints, would purchase over and over again.

  46. Kyler Laird

    I just received this and have not flown with it yet, but I’m impressed. It’s definitely a DIY-style solution, but that fits me well. I love that it’s a community-based solution so I know that it won’t simply be abandoned by its manufacturer. It uses a Pi 3 so I know I can update the software and even replace the mainboard cheaply. Although the separate USB battery (without a power switch) is a little clumsy, it means that I don’t have to worry about some proprietary built-in battery dying and being difficult to replace.

    The parts were easy to assemble. The video helped me with the IP address and port (4000) to use. Suddenly I was using it with Avare. I was amazed that simply sticking it to my front window (which faces trees) got me a GPS fix and loads of flights from a hundred miles away. Cool!

    This kit is just what I hoped it would be, an easy way to get started with an ADS-B receiver that I can control.

  47. Larry Hawkins

    Great product, works as advertised. Shipping was very fast. Setting up the unit was easy after watching video.

  48. norman k. thordarson

    I have two airplanes and one Stratus2, which I shared with both planes. But when I read about the Stratux for 1/4 of the price, I thought at that price, it would be nice to have a receiver in each plane. Now I wish I’d gotten two Stratux originally. If anything, it works better and I like the idea of not being locked into iPhones and iPads. Now I can take my iPad with ForeFlight if I want, or just use my Samsung android phone with Avare efb and get the same map and traffic. That’s called freedom, and I think I’m getting better traffic coverage. It’s now my # 1 choice in my RV8 and I’m using the suction cups on the side of the window w/o battery and plugged into sig lighter just below. Very clean and neat. Works great. So I’m having a nice day! And I’m Sean’s #1 fan.

  49. C. Sweeney

    Every pilot needs one of these in their airplane. Wow, easy to assemble and use. Seamless connectivity with my iPad and ForeFlight software. Great customer service if you have any questions or just want to exchange info or pleasantries with the CEO Sean Chuplis. Dennis F. Bonilla

  50. Jeff

    Could not be happier! Working very well so far and picking up most traffic. Very easy to set up and use and provides good documentation. Saved me $600, well done!

  51. BOB W

    It works great and all pilots should have one.

  52. indyglassman

    In short, it works great, has a long battery life and has good support from the manufacture.

    I use Foreflight on the iPad and had a stand alone GPS that I was using but wanted to add ADS-in. I purchased this Stratux receiver and had it working with Foreflight in about 2-3 minutes. Setup was as simple as connecting my iPad to the wireless network. It’s worked great with no additional configuration needed.

    I’ve used this in a C-172 and a C-162 (Skycatcher – see pic). The four suction cups hold it against side or back window very well.

    I also bought a case here off Amazon and it fits well. The antennas go into the netting area inside the top and the case is rigid enough that it protects the unit well. Caseling Hard Case for Photive HYDRA Waterproof Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers. – Mesh Pocket for Cables.

  53. Thiverval75

    Works great, well designed and built.

  54. Jan Drees

    Works exactly as advertised with almost zero setup. I’ve used the Stratus and this provides identical functionality with the advantage of an easily interchangeable battery, at less than half the price.

    A necessary safety aid for anyone flying in crowded airspace or flight training in proximity with other maneuvering aircraft, and a relatively tiny investment to keep you safe and violation-free.

  55. Paul M

    I have yet to fly with this, but I have been chair flying it at home for the past week. So far I am very impressed. From inside of my house, it is able to acquire anywhere from 6 to 9 satellites as well as 1 tower which is on the mountain behind my house about 1 mile away. All this is working with the Stratux sitting on my desk which is about 3′ from the nearest window. I am able to see traffic and weather easily and I have played around some with the AHRS functionality which also appears to work well. If it performs this well in my home office, it should do great in the air.
    UPDATE 2/7/2018
    I’ve now flown with this six times and it has performed very well. From day 1, I imaged another larger SD card with a dangerzone image for use of the AHRS with foreflight. With FF, it is set to automatically track my flights which it has done perfectly. It also has functioned very well as my GPS and is great for displaying traffic. My flights have all been 2 hours or less and the battery is typically down one light after my flights. The only thing that would make this better would be an on off switch that could gracefully shut down the unit. For now, I have a shortcut on my home screen pointed at the shutdown URL and just tap it as part of my securing procedure when I’m done.

  56. JGH

    I’ve been building and playing around with Stratux on the ground for years. When I first discovered the project I had all of the parts to build one. I never flew with it because it was a mess of wires. I showed it to some friends and built them a little more compact version. I had forgotten all about it until a couple weeks ago when I couldn’t get LTE on my phone, at 3000′, which I’ve been relying on for weather and TFR updates.

    Excellent price, the weather works great. The GPS gives good position. I really don’t care about the AHRS, but I did have a chance to fly with it on and it worked surprisingly well.

    The included battery pack is nice. I have a few battery packs and I like this one more. It has a built in flashlight and the USB cable attached to it can’t be lost.

  57. Gilbert Malnati

    Flew with this today and it was great. Good value for the money-the internal GPS works with foreflight and eliminates the need for the current external GPS I use. The only suggestion I would have for improvement would be to have the power cord for the battery pack on the opposite side so that when it’s strapped to the Stratux unit and charging the blue lights will be facing out.

  58. Joshua Gilley

    I am so pleased with my Stratux, it is such a well built piece offering a huge value over the Stratus. But what really puts it over the top is the seller’s willingness to be so helpful to everyone I’ve seen in other reviews and the kind words he always offers. I cannot thank you enough for both your military service and customer service.

  59. Mike

    I just started training for my pilot’s license and already have a pile of expenses (outside of the niceties). One of the items on my “wish list” was a Stratus 2S, but being a student pilot, I couldn’t justify $800 for it. After doing some research and digging, I found the Stratux project. While I’m fairly adept at putting together Arduino, and Raspberry projects, this was one I wasn’t willing to take on, basically because I don’t fully understand everything that goes into it. So, I opted for a pre-built unit from Crew Dog. For 1/4 the cost of a Stratus 2S, I got a unit that works flawlessly with Foreflight, allowing me to record my flights so I can export them to Cloud Ahoy and debrief later. It’s so nice to be able to watch a lesson I did last week, just before my next lesson. It really helps keep the information fresh. I wouldn’t be able to do that as effectively without the Stratux unit.

    Since I’m a student, I don’t have my iPad in the cockpit when I’m flying. Here is what I do: 1) as I’m doing my pre-flight of the aircraft, I turn on the Stratux and place it on the wing so it can start gathering satellites (signals? whatever the proper term is) 2) when I’m finished doing the pre-flight walkaround, I place the Stratux on the window 3) grab iPad from flight bag, and go to the Stratux page 4) level AHRS & calibrate gyros 5) Open Foreflight and click the record button 6) throw iPad back in flight bag 7) go fly. Last, when we land, I stop the track recording in Foreflight, turn everything off and pack it up. Then when I get home, I’ll export the track log from Foreflight to Cloud Ahoy. Works great!

    My only “complaint” was the unit doesn’t come with a carrying case. If you’re like me, your flight bag isn’t the safest place to just drop the naked unit into. So, I purchased this case to keep it in: CO2CREA Hard Travel Case The antenna’s need to be removed to fit, and are just a hair too long, so as you can see from the picture, you’ll need to bend them at the joints to fit perfectly. Now, I can put it in my flight bag without worry about it getting damaged.

  60. Walter Jones

    Great ADS-B product at fraction of the cost. Works great with WingX Pro 7. Must have in the cockpit.

    Update: 21 Oct 19 – I have used my Stratux with FlyQ EFB as well and works great. Crew Dog is very quick to answer any questions that you might have or help with an operators error issue, the support is fantastic

  61. Rhino Brewdog

    Outstanding product. I am extremely impressed with the quality of this kit. We Used it for the first time yesterday in our Learjet. I got about 4 hours of continuous use with the included 6000mah battery. Extremely simple to assemble, and linked up perfectly using FltPlan go application on my I-pad. It would not link with the Jepp View application; which I believe is a Jeppesen issue, not a Stratux issue.The traffic display generates very quickly, but the weather, METAR’s, TAF’s, etc. are slow to propegate. This may be due to the speed/ altitude of our aircraft, or maybe performance of the transmitting towers, but will try in my Cessna as a comparison with the weather performance. The built in AHRS chip actually works pretty good, just be sure to calibrate it while straight and level. Overall, I’m grateful that these guys at Crew Dog took the time to build and test this product for the general public to access the ADS-B information. I’m Sure you could probably piece everything together yourself, assemble, and program one of these units yourself, but I chose to help support a small business, and our veterans, whom created this kit for the general aviation community. Thank you guys, I appreciate your efforts, and your service!

  62. Reviewer

    As a full time CFI, this gets used daily. Not as bulky & homemade looking as anticipated. For those that plan on using it daily for extended periods, I suggest purchasing a second, larger battery that can be swapped out in between longer flights, charging the other while up in the air. Would buy a second if I had to.

  63. Russell

    Very easy to setup and use. I was borrowing a stratus 2s from a friend and needed an affordable alternative. The unit performs flawlessly. I had a couple questions and was able to text the owner and get my questions answered quickly.

  64. Rick Abercrombie

    Worked great out of box, just remember to connect it to your device under wifi. Flown with it twice, it works great.

  65. Amazon Customer

    Clean build! Packaging was tidy and well organized with easy to follow instructions. Works as advertised and well worth the money. Customer service is easily accessible to answer questions for those of us that have no experience with this technology.

  66. Ted Collins

    This ads-b is worth every penny. Just to test it out, I stuck it to the window of my truck, fired up ForeFlight and boom, traffic all around me. I double check with flight aware and since I was on the ground I expected to find addition aircraft in the vicinity. Nope, Statux showed em all. Glad to see Vets doing cool stuff and a great help to the flying community. Do
    I recommend, hell yeah! By the way, the F16 shadow on the KC-10 as it is refueling another F16: just awesome.
    Keep up the great work!


  67. DPH

    Fantastic product at a fraction of the cost of other devices on the market. The device came with easy to follow instructions and tools just in case something came loose in shipping. I highly recommend watching the video on the vendor’s web site too. I used it on a flight I had the same day I received it (using ForeFlight) with no issues. I can’t wait to try it on longer flights.

  68. Johnforsithe

    Had it a couple hours now, links great to Avare. The Avare I/O WiFi code is 4000, you won’t get anywhere without it. You would think it would have been printed on something in the package. Works great, as more aircraft get ads-b it will only get better. I will use this on every flight.

    It fell and damaged the power port, thanks to its build I just had to get a new PI 3 card and its back up and running.

  69. Amazon Customer

    Was a little worried at first because the SD card wasn’t working. However, I contacted support and they had one in the mail not an hour later! So happy I got this from Crew Dog Electronics, amazing support!

  70. Foothill Aviation

    Great unit and the product support was fantastic helping me get set up. Fantastic deal for sure.

  71. M. Romano

    Used it frequently in my flights in general aviation, works perfectly and customer support is excellent. Great product for price and safety addition in my flying with electronic Flight Bag

  72. Robert R McGoun

    This ADS-B is a well thought out product. It is based on a multi purpose computer and does a wonderful job as an ADS-B in. I highly recommend this product.

  73. ryan graves

    Great ADS-B for the price. I’ve had no issues picking up weather and traffic, and the GPS keeps a good fix even at higher ground speeds. I would recommend this product to anyone in the market for an ADS-B.

  74. hawkpilot

    I flew with it for the first time today, and it worked perfectly! Glad I found this, it saved me a lot of money.

  75. Felipe Cocco

    First time I’ve ever reviewed a product on Amazon.

    Works exactly as advertised. Literally just had to plug in the battery. I had an issue with the SD card and texted the seller (note: He literally just gives you his phone number and tells you to text/call if you have any issues), and in the morning I had a voicemail and texts with things to try and an offer to just give my address so he could ship me a new SD card. I’ve never had customer service like this before. Turns out I had another cheap SD card at home, so gave that a go and 10mins later had everything good to go.

    Highly, highly, highly recommend it.

  76. RC/ CK

    Had problems connecting to the WiFi out of the box. Followed the simple instructions and it was up and running in no time after flashing the SD card. Paired seamlessly with foreflight!

  77. Amazon Customer

    I’m so glad that I found this product and, more importantly, the company behind it. While doing my research on ADS-B out and in products, I was leaning toward a particular ADS-B out and in solution but unfortunately their receiver is not compatible with FlyQ EFB (which I have been using for several years and really like). With further research, I came across the Stratux ADS-B receiver and found that it was just what I was looking for. The Stratux receiver works great and is easy to use. The Stratux has a much lower price than other receivers. The savings helped offset the purchase cost of an iPad Mini 4 that I now use when flying. In addition to the performance of the Stratux and the low price, I can’t say enough about the customer support at Crew Dog Electronics. Customer support these days can be extremely frustrating and non-existent in some cases. I found that this is not the case with Crew Dog Electronics. Sean was very helpful getting me started with my new receiver. Not only was he quick to reply to emails, he even helped me out on a weekend. Simply unbelievable. Customer support at Crew Dog Electronics is an example other companies should follow. It’s good to know there are still companies out there that go the extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied.

  78. R. Miller

    Works wonderfully well with iFlyGPS on a Google Pixel C. This is just one of those items that “just works.”

  79. Jeremiah Johnson

    Had issues with my stratux crew dogs were quick to replace it no questions asked

  80. Tim Ferrill

    Works exactly as advertised just like products costing hundreds of dollars more. Quality item. Thanks to the crew at crew dog electronics. You hit a homerun with this product.

  81. James Fellers

    Great product and support. I had to flash the memory card to get it to function. The process was thoroughly explained. The Startux works great!

  82. Carl Shinall

    It works as advertised and I like the fact that it is easily updatable!

  83. Lisa Nettles

    This works awesome. We have flown several times with it including to the bahamas and never lost coverage.

  84. Aika

    Works great! Had one small issue with the GPS, called the owner and he had it fixed in under a minute. It was an issues caused by the shipping company.

  85. Philip Sutfin

    Used this for my flight from Ohio-South Carolina-Ohio, a 9.2 hour day and no hiccups. I use Foreflight Pro. States to get best GPS position plug in 20 minutes before the flight. I did not do this and still only had an average 2 meter deviation. Also with no radar in the plane the ADS-B weather was a huge help as some snow was approaching on out night return from Akron to Toledo. Overall a great investment!

  86. MattF

    Absolute awesomeness! Great build quality. Highly recommend!
    Economical Stratus replacement.

  87. Joanna Bartlett

    Works great. Instructions for use are simple. The amount of information that is provided is amazing. Traffic is helpful but the weather is what I find the most useful. I use’s app and when in Map function, the Stratux provides METARS, TAFs, Radar, and PIREPS. I like how PIREPS will appear on the map in the location the PIREP was made. It makes watching weather on long flight easy.

  88. George Pelech

    Works much better than that POS Stratus that Aveo no longer supports. How bout the $600 Stratus that doesn’t even have a replaceable battery?

    First start up and the GPS worked flawlessly. Initial lock took about 10 minutes but, after that, only ~5

    Position is accurate to about 30 meters.

    Only real draw back is the AHARS but, that is a function of ForeFlight’s proprietary software. I hear that “IFly” might be better.


  89. polizzy

    Work fine – Tested to FL450( LRJet driver) – Stratus is more compact than Stratux ( obvious remark) , bottom line – same capabilities and performances – Customer service is top notch . Happy driver. PS over Cuba FL 400 foreflight is able to feed USA weather & radar informations .

  90. NewRunnerMS

    I had to reflash to get the Stratux SSID to broadcast. I followed your FAQ instructions and that fixed the problem as recommended.

    To test before going flying, I installed it on my windshield while driving to work and connected to my FlyQ EFB. KCLT was busy this morning! Big surprise? Not! 😀

    This is a big improvement for me. I own a PA-28-150 in partnership with two fellow pilots. They use Foreflight; I use FlyQ. We own a Sratus 2S. They get full ADS-B traffic; I don’t due to the known firmware issue. With your Stratux product, I’m now fully supported.

  91. Your Amigo

    Amazing how technology helps improve safety in flight! Have been flying with Stratux for 2 weeks, and I am really impressed on how easy to use and accurate the device is. I am using it with Foreflight, so unfortunately the AHRS does not work, but traffic and weather is really great. Since everything comes assembled, the onl thing you need to do before your first flight is to charge the power bank, and off you go.

  92. Nancy

    The Stratux ADS-B is great! Very affordable and easy to get started. I highly recommend this for safe flying!

  93. Celeste

    My first one did not work, the second one I received worked great! The seller was very accomodating in helping out anyway he could when I told him the unit was not working. This GPS/ADS-B unit works GREAT w/ Foreflight and other aviation apps! Nice to see real time traffic and weather, huge benefit!

  94. John Cleary

    Works well on 1090 in Australia

  95. Dr. Pepper

    Same day shipping worked great. I am impressed by Sean and his business. 100% recommend buying from him!

  96. John

    An awesome well-built product at a very fair price. As a VFR student pilot who is also a geek this certainly isn’t a necessity but as I work my way through all the ‘conventional’ paperwork, calculations, charting, flight plans, etc. I’m also taking the time to connect the dots with the modern day way of doing things and this makes it all possible! This works great with Foreflight paired up on an iPad pro, is super easy to setup and use, and very reliable. Acquires GPS and other signals quickly but it is a good idea to let it sit out for 5 – 10 min prior to taking off to be sure you have a good GPS lock, test the connection, then you’re ready to mount and get on your way!

    As I make it through my private pilot training and use the unit a bit more I’ll update the review.

  97. Brandon Sandstrom

    Worked as advertised right out of the box. Haven’t been up in the air with it yet, but I can tell this was worth it. Can’t go wrong with a Vetran owned company. My family and I support them whenever possible.

  98. Ted

    This is an EXCELLENT alternative to the much more unwieldy and expensive Stratus. Easy to assemble and work with, and provides excellent in-flight GPS and WX data. I use Foreflight and it just worked out of the box. No messing around….

  99. Peter D. Hamilton

    I just received the package yesterday and put the antennas on and plugged it in to the battery, fired it up in the living room of my 2 story house. I didn’t expect it to pick up anything but there was a contact near my house tracking southwest at 1200 ft! It was easy to set up as the WiFi network is named “Stratux”. I also liked the labeling of the antennas and ports. The AHRS is a nice feature! I also like that it has an integrated fan, things can get pretty hot on the glare shield in the summer! I own a stand alone Rasberry Pi 3 that I’ve toyed with and know they are powerful enough to handle this.
    I currently own an older C172 that actually has a FreeFlight ADS-B in/out i had installed about 3 yrs ago, and that works fine but doesn’t have AHRS! I bought this because I am considering selling my Cessna and buying an older Citabria which was rebuilt, it has a Garmin ADS-B-out Transponder, but no ADS-B “in”, and I’m not too fond of the costs of Garmin so I see this as a great solution! I use iFly ( sunlight readable) and ForeFlight in the plane and this will work with those. If I do end up with the Citabria, I will see about a somewhat permanent mount somewhere- may need external antennas for that, we’ll see.

  100. Greg Drogaline

    Very professionally assembled. Work great with my ForeFlight app on my IPad.

  101. Kenneth Glidden

    Worked great on first and only flight so far. All parts to include battery didn’t fit in case purchased with it. But for price, this was great alternative to the very pricey stratus.

  102. Young Wu

    As a new private pilot I was looking to purchase a good ADSB receiver to improve my situational awareness during flight. I was originally leaning toward the Scout based on my CFI’s recommendation, but happened upon the stratux before purchasing. With many of the same features as the (very) expensive Stratus 2S at a cost comparable to the Scout, I elected to go with the stratux.

    My kit arrived on-time, but as I was assembling I found that I had two 1090 antennas instead of one 978 and one 1090. Here Crew Dog Electronics really shined in their customer service, Sean responded within a day and had a second antenna shipped out to me right away.

    In flight the ADSB receivers work really well. I generally picked up 5+ ADSB towers flying in the SF Bay Area while using Foreflight, and in-flight weather was very helpful. The GPS receiver worked decently well-for some reason most of the time it stayed at 30 m accuracy (instead of the 10 that I can get with my iPad’s build in GPS), occasionally it would drop out to 93 m but in general it maintained a good lock and I had no trouble using it to supplement my aircraft’s GPS and pilotage. AHRS works as advertised, but it is still a bit jerky in foreflight. The external battery back lasted about 4 hours of continuous use for me.

    Overall a great ADSB kit-Basically all the features of a Stratus 2S at the price of a Scout. Highly recommend and shout out to CrewDog Electronics for great customer service.

  103. Eric

    This product is awesome. ADS-B In at a great price compared to Stratus I and II. I was able to charge the power supply and get it working within minutes sync’d with my iPad mini 4. In the air, it was very accurate and I received 3-4 towers most of the time in flight with traffic advisories. I thought I had a defective power supply unit and Sean shipped out a replacement right away. Turns out the power supply unit was dead and took a little longer to charge. It’s working well now and I paid for the second supply as a spare. This is an affordable way to get into ADS-B In and will help make your flight safer.

  104. Cristian

    Excellent product, great value for the money, actually gives you the same information as other products priced three times more expensive. I have used and tested it already inflight with foreflight and works perfect. Very satisfied.

  105. Daniel V.

    Product works as promised! They helped me get set up! Very Very happy!

  106. Tom A.

    Wow…just wow. I haven’t flown with it yet, but just running it on the ground with Foreflight, it appears to work flawlessly. Can’t wait to try it in flight, the airplane I fly was just updated to an ADS-B out transponder, so I should have full functionality. I’ll update after flying with it…

    I can’t believe they can do it for this price!

  107. Amazon Customer

    Arrived early, couldn’t wait to open it. I am using it with Avare, and as soon as I downloaded the Avare I/O module, it worked fine. I have used it in the air, receives weather and traffic well. Simple, elegant, self-contained, sticks on the window out of the way, but easily transmits to my Samsung. Excellent customer support for questions about simultaneously using/charging the battery pack. Great product!

  108. Rachel L.

    I’ve had this unit for several months now. It works well and is well designed and thought out. It has been very reliable. The included battery fits the application well. I also want to give a 5 star rating for the support. Every question that I’ve had was answered quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend this unit if you’re in the market for a Stratux receiver.

  109. mrfixit1503

    Sean provides the best customer service I have ever had with an online purchase. He responds to emails and phone calls, and will help you work through any issues. He just does whatever is necessary to make sure you are happy with the purchase.

  110. Capt. Greg

    Wow, works as advertised and much cheaper that the name brand product. Glad to see Foreflight is changing its App so that it can use Stratux seamlessly without the patch.

  111. Juan C. Villa

    This units works incredibly well. I had zero issues with the unit from boot and through the first two flights. Had a small issue with the provided battery pack, but Crew Dog went above and beyond and immediately shipped a replacement battery at no cost, even before I had a chance to get the return label to ship the current battery back. I am very impressed with this seller, and very happy with my purchase. Look no further.


    This product works just as advertised. Super great customer service. Used in conjunction with (many apps) but with iFly it’s like having a Garmen glass panel at a fraction of the cost. 10 STARS!

  113. Amazon Customer

    Works great, Packaged nice. Good quality.

  114. Carmen B Chomchird

    Great product for GA with low cost for better situation awareness especially under SFRA . I had doubts at first and not really sure what to expect but couldn’t see myself paying $900 but after talking to friends and people who have it so I ordered one. So far I have flown 5 flights filing IFR in and out of SFRA with great success and love it. I wouldn’t fly without it. I stick it to the side window of my Grumman AA5 and let it locked on and go. If you fly in and out of busy airspace It’s a must have unit. It will make you a safer pilot. Thanks Sean!

  115. Matt

    Was envious of my instructor’s Stratus 2B, but didn’t want to break the bank so I went with the Stratux. Super happy with the pre-assembled kit, comes with everything you’ll need to go straight from the box to the cockpit with very minimal setup. A couple things to note… Be patient with the initial GPS fix, took mine about 45 minutes sitting outside to finally get a fix. Since then it gets done in less than a minute. Also, charge the battery with an iPad or tablet charger. First time I tried charging I went with the standard iPhone charger and it took about 3 hours to get to 20%. Once up and running though, it’s a total game changer. I’ve been able to fly with the Stratux for about 5 hours so far (all on one battery charge) and the GPS and ADS-B have been awesome. It links seamlessly with FltPlanGo. Will never fly without it again!

  116. Densil Baker

    working great

  117. Gary Sartain

    I was introduced to this unit by a pilot/mechanic relative who had built several in kit form before they were sold as a functional package, and was blown away by the fact it basically did everything the Srtatus units I have seen did for 1/4 the price. I ordered my own unit and found it easy to use, particularly after accessing the brief training video on YouTube. It differs from Stratus in that it only connects to tablets, etc. via wifi rather than bluetooth, which means it doesn’t interface with Garmin Pilot. It works great with Foreflight, providing accurate gps navigation, ADS-B weather, dual-band ADS-B traffic, and AHRS on my iPad. I understand it works with any flight app that can connect to a receiver via wifi.. Great asset!


    I bought my husband John one of these for his birthday. He raves about the quality of the presentation, how smoothly the AHRS responds to change in pitch and roll, how well the traffic is displayed, the great customer service from Sean, the fact that it worked “out of the box” (only after he followed ALL of the instructions in the videos). etc, etc. He recently showed it to one of his felllow pilots who ordered one the same day!! Great product, great price, gret service, cant’t go wrong – GET ONE NOW!!!

  119. Kindle Customer

    Amazing product. It came fully assembled with simple instructions to follow to connect my iPad to it over it’s own wifi. Foreflight recognized traffic from this ads-b immediately without any additional action. It must have taken me no more than 15 mins total to see traffic above me in foreflight while I was still at home.
    I now won’t fly without this ADS-B receiver.
    There were some occasions where I’ve seen traffic on this device before being alerted to it by the approach while on flight following.

  120. syang

    Definitely worth it! Also recommend a iPad to go with it – iPhone is too small for it.

  121. roger

    Fantastic! Just got it, so haven’t had a chance to use it in the air. However, it was basically plug and play. I turned it on (plugged in the battery) and my iPad recognized the Stratux wifi signal right away. I have Wings X Pro. Stratux associated with it immediately and from my front porch began showing traffic all around. I used Wings X settings to select attitude indicator. Worked perfect and smoothly when I moved the Stratux in pitch and roll. Be sure to point the Stratux correctly forward as indicated on the unit. Otherwise you will get reverse sensing. Can’t imagine so much technology being so readily available for us these days! I’ve been flying for over fifty years and would have never imagined this. Thanks Crew Dog! (And thank you Crew Dog for your military service).

    Adding. I just took an 800 mile round trip in my non electric Aeronca. I just sat the Stratux on the baggage shelf behind me. Worked great,
    sending WiFi to my iPad and Wings X Pro. It found satellites quickly and connected to the iPad quickly. The traffic displayed was very helpful, allowing me to see aircraft in my vicinity that I might have missed seeing otherwise. The weather was clear so I didn’t have a chance to use the Nexrad weather info. I did buy a larger capacity battery off Amazon for about $20. That battery gave me 8 hours of run time. I used the original battery as a back up standby. Love it!

  122. Susan Johnson


    Thank you for providing such a great product. I had a Stratus and it was stolen. I saw your product on Amazon and decided to try it. It meets and exceeds my expectations. You have priced it at an extremely affordable rate . Thanks for your service to our great country. Also, I want to thank you for texting me back when I had a question. You provide excellent customer service!
    Sent from my iPhone

  123. Raymond S

    Simple, works exactly like a Stratus. Highly recommended to everyone! Battery lasts generally about 3-5 hours of flight depending on altitudes and temps but you can always just keep a spare power pack handy for a quick swap out. SO simple.

  124. MJ

    I think this is absolutely amazing….I’ve been dreading the $899 price tag of the Stratus 2S. I stumbled upon this and used it on a 3 hour cross country and couldn’t believe how well it worked. And how can you go wrong supporting someone who served this great country!! The only thing I need to figure out is if there is a way to prevent “ghosting”. Not sure if it has anything to do with this product or with Foreflight, but occasionally I would get a traffic alert of an aircraft less than 0.25 miles, 6 or 7 o’clock, near my altitude. The first time had me looking around for the traffic as I had just departed my home field. Once I saw it was clear and cruising, it happened a couple times while in contact with ATC. I realized it was seeing me as the target somehow. If anyone has a suggestion on a fix (if there is one), I’d appreciate it.

  125. Luke Taran

    Great customer service. Great product. Have used a stratus 1s for years and decided to upgrade to dual band and found this product for hundreds less with same performance and better customer service. Great product and company.

  126. Greg B.

    Great product! Well worth the money. Easy to assemble and install. Worked with ForeFlight immediately.

  127. Greg

    Couldn’t get my unit working initially. Sean at Crew Dog worked with me to diagnose the problem.

  128. Boogieman

    Ships quickly, product is as described. This is a gem of an ADSB solution. I use it with AVARE and It connected easily. My neighbor has 4 flight and easily and quickly connected to it. TisB showed traffic right away… I was a good distance from the Fisb tower so I called the seller to learn about weather towers etc… and he quickly responded with a link showing FisB towers. I drove within line of sight and Nexrad quickly popped up. This gizmo is da bomb!!! It uses a Rasbery PI and costs About half the price of others.

  129. Nathan

    So far this product is excellent! I have used it on two long cross country flights and it has done a great job of tracking my flight and showing position and weather. This does everything Stratus does and the great thing is that it is super affordable for the average pilot. Works flawlessly with Foreflight. I haven’t used the synthetic vision so I can’t comment on that. Thanks for making a great and affordable product!

  130. Lindsey W.

    Receives several times the ADS-B towers than my Garmin GDL 39 did. Favorably compares to the Stratus 2S at less than 1/3 the price! I’m using with ForeFlight most of the time, but it works great with the free FltPlan Go app which provides most of the features with no subscription costs. ForeFlight is slicker, but no more capable than FltPlan Go. AHRS still in the experimental stage. Shows promise, but I wouldn’t depend on it in IMC.

  131. Jeffrey Johnston

    Very happy. Everything works as advertised

  132. Michael Yusim

    For a fraction of the big guys you get everything you can possibly need in an adsb unit. Lasts about 4 hours, and connects to everything.

  133. Amazon Customer


  134. MDEP

    Mounted in side window using FltPlan Go. I need to read a manual or two but happy so far fumbling with it. Crew Dog Electronics knows what they’re doing and my Hawker is less of a dinosaur now.

  135. Christopher Koth

    Great product, as advertised performance and gives me great situational awareness in the cockpit

  136. David Bottita

    Worked perfectly right out of the box. I’ve not had a single issue with my Stratux. Crew Dog now offers a larger battery and I upgraded mine, no I have zero concerns about battery life and I use the original battery as a iPad backup.

  137. HS

    The first unit sent had a “sticky” power connection. IE. the cable from the battery was hard to pull out of the unit.
    However Sean sent a replacement quickly, and without fuss.
    Impressive! The cost of this unit is a bargain!
    I also have a Stratus 2s and two iPad Minis, so I will plan to compare Stratux & Stratus side by side.

  138. Curt


  139. Nick

    I use this everyday when I fly! Such a great useful and handy tool for all aviators, professional and student. If you have any questions on this thing, the customer support is so simple and he get’s back to you with any solutions. Works great with ForeFlight too!
    Highly recommend this product!

  140. Ed Leo

    Does all it says it will.

  141. tmath19

    This receiver is really awesome. Shows traffic and is a really nice situational awareness building tool. Plus the customer service is top notch. The battery I received wasn’t the one pictured but they made it right by sending out a cable promptly.

  142. Jason Everett

    There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be spending literal thousands of dollars on ADS-B in equipment when this bad boy does the same exact thing. And the creator tests each kit before he sends them out. Absolutely wonderful! Had my first flight today with the receiver and no complaints whatsoever. I spent about 5 minutes to calibrate it on the ground before I plopped it on the side of the cockpit. No fancy things required to hook up to ForeFlight – simple as hooking up to the device’s WiFi signal.

  143. Med student

    This purchase from Crew Dog Electronics was a fantastic decision. I had considered just assembling the Stratux myself, but was having trouble finding some of the individual components for sale on Amazon, so I decided to go ahead with this preassembled kit. It was a great idea. Crew Dog has picked out a well-matched battery pack, and combined with an introductory video on his website, I had the device working perfectly within minutes. I’ve already made several flights with the Stratux and its functioned flawlessly. So much better option than spending 2-4X as much for a similar commercially available device.

  144. Chip

    Spoke to Sean via telephone and he apologized for not replying sooner but was traveling from a Military Reserve function.
    His support was prompt and again he apologized for not replying sooner.
    Now a 5 STAR vs a 1 STAR Rating.

    Will be returning to Amazon today as the unit was dead on arrival. The reason for 1 Star is I cannot get a reply from Crewdog Electronics to discuss the problem!

  145. Matt

    Works very well. Works as well as the more expensive Stratus. Plus you don’t need a subscription. Worked well on Avare and IFly apps.

  146. ADAM BOYD

    Like: Does everything the higher priced units does at a quarter of the price.

    Dislike: I had to buy a small pelican case to store all the parts in, but it was still economicaly worth it by far.

  147. Unknown

    I purchased the Stratux and was very skeptical because the the price of the brand name is 3 times more expensive. After using the Stratux paired with Foreflight for a can tell you is a life saver. I mounted mine on the back of the airplane and powered it via USB. Gives me good weather and traffic in Foreflight.

  148. Steve

    Worked great out of the box. Seller gives you his personal info for easy troubleshooting. I mean it doesn’t get better than that at all. Item looks bigger in pictures than in person. I had no issues using it in a R22 and R44 helicopter. Also the batter is a 8000 mAh not 6000 mAh as listed in the description. My ADS-B lasted 6 hours on one charge. Obviously this will vary, but I’m very happy so far. I’ll add pictures later.

    Great job, keep it up.

  149. Brian C

    Look out Stratus and all you other overpriced ADS-B sellers. I don’t know why anyone would buy those when the Stratux is available. Worked right out of the box, has great ground and air reception and is very easy to use. It’s also compatible with all of the popular GPS software packages out there unlike those other overpriced pieces of garbage. You do have to be a tiny bit technical… as in – you need to know how to open a browser… and go to an IP address instead of a normal address. Don’t worry, we’ll get through it together. This is actually a really good thing as it allows you to verify that your device is working before you are in the air, including getting it level. This is a great product – highly recommended.

  150. Adam

    Great unit for all pilots and outstanding customer service. Sean is very dedicated with what he does. Definitely recommend!

  151. Zippy

    Opened the box, connected the antennas, plugged it in, and within 2 minutes, had my application connected to it from my tablet.
    Have used it for the last 2 days, flying about 9+ hrs, halfway across the country and back, and I am amazed that I have the same info I once had in a $$$$ corporate plane for under $500 including a tablet…and it was portable.
    Performance up in the flight-levels are great, and it still seemed to have reasonable performance at lower altitudes.
    Yes, the units are bit bigger than purpose built units, and require more power, but considering the low $, I am a happy buyer.

  152. Archangel5884

    Excellent product! It works amazing!

  153. Amazon Customer

    When I first bought my Stratux from Crew Dogs Electronics I had an issue with the accuracy never improving beyond 30 meters except briefly. When I called and talked to their technical support, I was immediately offered a replacement unit and I received it about three days later. The new unit had a 10 meter accuracy reported in ForeFlight more than 95% of the time. Since the internal GPS was supposed to be WAAS, 10 meters wasn’t good enough. Their technical support (in the same conversation as before) suggested that I purchase an external receiver that was mentioned in one of their instructional videos. The VK-162 that I bought from Stratux Store for $18 arrived in two days (I have Prime). I immediately installed it per the instructional video and noticed the accuracy reported by ForeFlight went from 10 meters to 3 meters. That combination is extremely potent and gives the user true WAAS accuracy. Through all this, Crew Dog Electronics has demonstrated legendary customer service. The only suggestion that I can make to Crew Dog Electronics is to offer two variants of their device: one as they sell it now, and one with the VK-162as its GPS (at whatever price point maintains their profit margin).

  154. Amazon Customer

    After considering its much more expensive rival, I decided to give StratuX a try. It is PERFECT! At 1/3 the cost of a Stratus, Crew Dog Electronics sells you a nearly complete model. Just attach the battery back and screw in the antennas and you’re done. That’s IT!

    I use it with’s iPad app. It reads every transponder out there, not just ADS-B.

    I’m a CFI and have shown it off to several students. Those who purchased Stratus suddenly get Buyer’s Remorse. Those who have nothing asking me for the Amazon link!

    Seriously, pilot friends, this is exactly what you need at a price point we can all accept. For less than the cost of one hour of multi time, you get this awesome device.

  155. Graham Sterling

    Has worked very well with my FLY Q software.
    Not a huge fan of the battery. It may just be me but it seems to lose its charge quickly and with out much warning.
    I carry a back up charging brick which holds a large charge and is easy to swap out.

  156. Amazon Customer

    This thing is awesome, I am tracking ADS-B aircraft over 120 nm away with accuracy.
    So far so good., introducing 3rd party software soon and looking forward to the combined
    Battery life is much longer than I had expected, so yet another plus…
    As far as now, I am impressed and look forward to exercising all potential features…

    I sure have so far..!!!

  157. Amazon Customer

    I was skeptical about this product but it worked perfectly and as advertised out of the box! I would highly recommend this to any pilot looking into ADSB in capabilities with AHRS backup. The weather display coupled perfectly and immediately with foreflight. Does the same thing as the expensive comparable market offerings at a fraction of the price. Do yourself a favor and DO IT.

  158. Amazon Customer

    It sure is nice to be pleasantly surprised nowadays. The Stratux ADS-B really works as advertised. No muss, no fuss. Highly recommend the Stratux to provide a clearer picture of the traffic around you.

  159. ben

    Very simple and easy to set up. Seamless connectivity to iPad and ForeFlight

  160. Chris

    This little machine works perfectly, compact and easy to set up.

  161. Flynmonkey5

    Excellent alternative to a Stratus for traffic and weather while flying. Easy to use instructions included, a plug and play unit that has had no issues for me since I started using it.


    Works perfectly! I use 4 flight.

  163. H Lee Helfer

    Unit performs as advertised.

  164. Steven R Burroughs

    Arrived in two days, assembly was no issue, wifi connected easily, both traffic and weather displayed on both my iPad Air and Kindle Fire via WingX. Excellent option for ADS-B In if you are budget minded or need utility across several aircraft.

  165. Bob Toxen

    Built it 2 years ago. Flawless ever since! It’s enabled me to do LOTS of IFR flights dodging lots of cells in Florida, my home in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi with ForeFlight and a BadElf GPS. It even uploads PIREPs before the approach/Center controllers get ’em. (On a November flight 3 PIREPs for moderate icing at my altitude between me and my destination caused me to divert to another airport far away with facilities. I avoided icing.)

    The traffic reports, near real-time ceilings and visibility, and fuel prices allow easy safe flying in hard IFR.

    It never overheated even in the South Florida summer!

    Assembly was quick and easy! Ya gotta get one!

  166. Boullu Maurice

    Product Works fine immediately.
    Ordered and délivred to France 3 days later at normal shipping price.
    Exellent product and serious seller.
    Very happy

  167. Taylor Wang

    Great product! make my flight easier and safer.great customer service.highly recommend.

  168. brakeman

    Works great on my ultralight aircraft


    Good equipment for the price. Crewdog Electronics do a good job!! The screwdriver and the the wrench are a plus…

  170. SCD

    We were a little skeptical of this, but so far its worked great. For the price, you really can’t beat it. I do wish the equipment was smaller so it would fit better in our small aircraft.

  171. colton

    Really reliable no problems in flight with connectivity highly recommend.

  172. STEFFEN H.

    My Stratux arrived the next day and works great! I was happy to find out that they are a local Vet owned company as well. As for the Stratux, the artificial horizon on synthetic vision on Foreflight does not work very well, seems jittery and shows a constant bank a few seconds after it is reset but this may be an issue with foreflight so im not faulting the Stratux. The ADS-b weather and traffic works great, flew from KBAZ to KABI on a nice VMC day and for the first time I didn’t feel like I needed flight following. It is a great tool and updated winds in flight are really nice to have. I would highly recommend it over the other options due to the cost. Thank you Crew Dog electronics!

  173. G Hardin

    Based on reviews I bought the Stratux. Within minutes of powering it up, it was connected to my free Avare aviation app and showing me traffic in my local area, from inside my office. Since I have a fabric Kitfox, I placed the Stratux on the floor of the baggage area and again the device worked great with the Avare app. I plan on installing a power outlet in the baggage compartment so I can plug in the unit while I am flying. But so far the battery has given me more than sufficient time in the air to operate the device. I am pretty happy with the ease of setup and use so far, and the Avare/Stratux combo is excellent. There are also several Avare/Stratux videos on youtube if your still not sure about this device.
    Update 1-30-19 – Been using the Stratux for about 1 month and it has worked flawlessly. I turn it on and set it on the baggage compartment floor and view traffic in my Avare Android application. Seeing traffic is awesome!! Now I know where to look. This is such a huge leap in pilot safety, I am surprised that the FAA does not require ADS-B in.
    Followup August 10, 2019 – CrewDog provides excellent customer service and stands behind their product. ADS-B in is so important to me that I purchased a backup receiver.

  174. Patrick M Lennon

    I had everything up and running in five minutes. Everything was perfect!

  175. August James

    Before purchasing this item I had been flying with friends that had the other expensive ADSB devices… I was a bit skeptical when I first purchased because I had no references and had never used the device.

    I must say it has been one of the BEST aviation products I have used, besides being a pilot I am also and electronic engineer, hence understand to full detail, all that goes into the unit.

    If you need an affordable good product.. buy this one. NO NEED TO spend more money on the other expensive ones.

    You will literarily get the same features for half the cost.

    One thing I have to mention is the AWESOME tech support they have. Sean is always available to help and assist with everything.

    If you are reading this post… just purchase.

    I have used this device in the US and Overseas ( Costa Rica ) and it works like a charm.

    I am looking forward for new versions and updates.

    My only recommendation would be to purchase an additional battery, for long trips.

    August James – from Costa Rica

  176. Bryan

    Very portable ADS-B unit. Well thought out construction, and a great 8000 mah battery pack good for long trips. I did a five hour flight from Pennsylvania to Florida on one charge. But have a secondary power source anyway. It is great to have all that weather and traffic data immediately available. I did have a problem with the short power connector between the battery and the unit. It is barely long enough to reach, and seems to have broken internally, so I just used another slightly longer one I had.

  177. Teresa A. Brown

    We have been using this for the past month and have 50 hours plus of use thus far and very pleased! It works perfectly with our use the program DroidEFB! When we purchased it, we had some problems getting it to work, but we called the company and they were so very helpful. They told us what to download and how to “flash” the card and it worked perfectly! They were so kind and helpful! We would highly recommend to everyone! Very pleased!

  178. AmazonBuyerNorCal

    This is a very useful product. It was simple to set up and it worked perfectly as soon as I turned it on. I see display of traffic (other planes) on my ForeFlight map display. Finding a cheap and simple solution is wonderful, since most things that go in a plane are costly. The battery life is good, I rarely fly for more than a couple of hours at a time, so I have plenty of battery power. My only suggestion for improvement would be to make the case fit together better with the battery and provide a switch. Unplugging the connector each time is a little awkward…. It seems like sort of a clumsy setup mechanically to attach battery with strap, use suction cups on window, put antennas on and off. Not sure how to make it differently but it requires some fiddling to set up on each flight.

  179. Minnesota girl.

    My son loves this

  180. Pilot

    Looks great out of the box, look forward to trying it out next week.

  181. David

    At first I was intimidated by the idea of a clone device from a small company. I was also concerned about “some assembly required”. The price was good but I was nervous. It turned out to be unnecessary! I followed the single piece of paper instruction sheet and voila! Once the assembly (antennae, battery, and suction cups) was complete I had to get it started on my Ipad. Again, instructions were clear and straightforward (more simple than a non-precision approach to minimums!) – tell the Ipad to use the Stratux network and open ForeFlight. I did run into trouble with the GPS not working initially. Again, there was a service video to explain what to do. It was simple and worked perfectly. I’m delighted and very please I saved so much money over the next best alternative.

  182. KCFly

    Product works as expected, nicely done, good packaging and shipping. Couldn’t ask for more.

  183. Michael Schrader

    save your money. buy this one.

  184. Peter

    The reasons why I purchased the Stratux is because it provides traffic and AHRS as a backup system (combined with ForeFlight). And it has better reviews than the more expensive alternatives. I like the Stratux and it works fine. I only experienced some drifting of the arificial horizon and therefore thought the device is broken. Thus, I ordered a replacement which was delivered within 2 days.
    The same drifting behaviour occured, so I did some research online. It turned out that the „Reset/Level“ function under the GPS/AHRS menu didn‘t do the job, but under „Settings“ > „Set AHRS Sensor Orientation“ and „Calibrate Gyros“ finally helped.
    I would buy the Stratux again, since it increases safety significantly for an inexpensive price.

  185. Mark

    This allows me to use all the features of my FlyQ app. The potential traffic conflict info has been a great help. I fly in busy airspaces, so this give me a second set of eyes. Definitely worth it!! The customer service is top-notch too.

  186. Douglas A Buchanan

    I bought this over the Stratus II. It works as advertised and I love it with my Foreflight subscription. Can’t wait until everyone is ADSB and we’ll be able to see all traffic.

  187. Ronald L. Shipley

    I bought the Stratux through Amazon from Crew Dog Electronics. I use a mini-pad for my ADS-B to enhance my FlyQ and Flight Plan Go aviation applications. I had a minor problem with it which was quickly and efficiently corrected by Sean Chuplis. I am very happy and satisfied with the Stratux’s capabilities and would recommend it to other pilots.

  188. Nicholas Gosselin

    I bought this in preparation for ferrying an aircraft from the US to the Caribbean and back. The GPS and ADS-B worked flawlessly the entire trip, and it would have been a much more difficult journey without peace of mind of having this as a backup GPS and having the weather/traffic info (within the US, at least). The battery they ship with the Stratux has enough power to last roughly 4 or 5 hours at a minimum. I did not make much use of the AHRS feature of the Stratux, but playing around with it is seemed to work fine, if not slightly slow relative to aircraft pitch and bank changes.

  189. Kaleb A. Timberlake

    Works great, no issues, easy to set up… not much more to say. Does what the units 3x+ the price do.

  190. Jonathan

    I fly 6-10 hours a day doing photo survey work VFR. I received this package during a quick 30 min turn. In that time I was able to quickly assemble it and start using it right away. Immediately upon connecting my ipad to it and opening foreflight everything with regards to the ADS-B and GPS were working perfectly and better than expected. I have not yet tried out the AHRS. I fly in incredibly congested airspace typically right in the middle of heavy VFR training areas and approach paths, this product has been a lifesaver and it works just as well as the Stratus 2S that a co-worker has, albeit in a less glamourous package. Nice thing also is that batteries can be swapped out extremely fast if necessary. The battery arrived less than full today so I had to do a quick swap with another pack mid flight, and as soon as I plugged it in, the ADS-B was back up and showing targets in less than 15 seconds. I’ve been looking into every ADS-B on the market, and I can say this is by far the best value. Unless you want XM weather, I don’t see any other reason to buy anything else.

  191. Rafael Henrique de Oliveira

    This product is amazing. It works perfectly in my iPad using FltPlan Go, including the Flight Instruments (AHRS), and receives a lot of weather towers and traffics. It’s a good product to increase my situational awareness in a busy airspace like Miami. Thank you CrewDog for this affordable choice in the market!

  192. Reinaldo

    Worked as expected out of the box. Support was 5 star as well. Answered my questions and they even have a number you can call. Tested with multiple flights in crazy SoCal airspace (KHHR / KTOA / KFUL / KLGB / KCMA)

  193. David Womacks

    As a CFI who flies in planes that don’t have ADSB in,this really helps picking out traffic its also great on XC and IFR lessons to keep an eye on conditions at the destination.

  194. Heloflier68

    Easy 5 Star. I don’t have any experience with original Stratus products, but I can say this Statux works as advertised. Used for several flight on a AW139 helicopter in the Gulf of Mexico and always had good reception of surrounding traffic and updates of weather information on my Foreflight. The AHRS is ok. Nothing spectacular, has the tendency to process a little. I don’t use that function so my review is not based on AHRS performance.

  195. C. O. M. Stross

    Charge battery, connect WiFi fire up EFB. That’s all there is to it

  196. Edward

    I was a little concerned because the Stratus systems cost so much more than this and I didn’t want to end up with a project rather than a product. I was pleasantly surprised – it worked great, right out of the box, no problems whatsoever. Eventually, I ran into a small problem with the USB charging port on the device getting bent because I stored it with a USB wire in place, so I contacted Crew Dog about it. They told me how to fix it (took all of 5 minutes, including looking for a pair of pliers) but also gave me the option of returning it for a new one, no hassle. I fixed it and it continues to work fine.

    Excellent product, excellent service, excellent experience.

  197. D. Abrahamson

    I am a DPE and carry this item in the applicant’s airplane during the flight portion of the checkride. I use it exclusively to enhance my traffic awareness, which is all the more important during instrument checkrides since the applicant is under the hood from start to finish. Traffic and weather products display perfectly on the iphone SE I carry.
    No matter what kind of flying you do, pairing this device with a tablet or smartphone of any kind is a huge safety enhancement.

  198. Reed N

    This product is simply amazing. As a CFI who flies 7 days a week in some of the busiest airspace in the country (Dallas/Ft. Worth), I cannot overemphasize how many times having the Stratux on board has saved me and my students by helping us avoid traffic. First, let’s talk about the price. Whether you’re on a budget or not, the Stratux is THE best deal, hands down. Flying is expensive enough as it is, so why would you want to spend $500 or more on something, when you can get all the features you need (traffic, weather, AHRS) for less than half the price of a Scout, Sentry, Stratus, etc.? I use the Stratux with ForeFlight, and I have never had an issue with connectivity. Only once did I have an issue with the SD card, and when I contacted Sean (Stratux customer service), he resolved the problem in the most expeditious manner, which is rare to find these days, and I haven’t had any issues since. I have flown for hours on end in the Texas summer weather, as well as when the weather is close to freezing, and have had no issues. The external battery will generally power the unit throughout the entire day of flying, but I bought another external battery, just in case. I very strongly recommend the Stratux for peace of mind and safety. While there is no substitute for visually scanning for aircraft, the Stratux has been an incredible tool in adding a massive layer of situational awareness, and I refuse to fly without my Stratux. Also recommend throwing in another $10 and buying the CO2CREA Hard Travel Case in which to carry the unit to prevent the Stratux from any unnecessary wear and tear.

  199. RaleighBells

    The Stratux is GREAT! All the features of ADS-B, WAAS GPS, easy connect for my ipad & phone. Batter life is good as well. This is a great set-up, everything needed, just charge, pair (before the first flight), and go. Sticks well to the window, can easily hook in a different battery pack for the really long flights. Crew Dog is great to work with as well, easy set-up videos, helpful tech support, and a great little company. They got some shout-outs from some of my favorite podcasters as well.

  200. Wayne M Dufault

    Couldn’t be happier with this device. An ADS-B In solution that’s priced hundreds less than the Stratus products, yet performs the same function. Works great with my iFly GPS app, and setup is a breeze. Comes pretty much put together, just a few easy steps and you’re good to go. Sean at Crew Dog Electronics is all about customer support. Sent him off a text (gives you his mobile number in the included instructions) about one question I had and he got back to me right away. As are all GA pilots, I’m all about making my flying safer. This little flight box certainly does that. Highly recommend.

  201. Amazon Customer

    I bought this unit last August and have had good success with it. The package deal with all the extras is great. The battery lasts all day.

    I recently had the battery that came with it fail, and Sean from CrewDog emailed me back right away and dropped a new one in the mail to me. Great support and will buy again if I ever need another unit!

  202. Kendra Alder

    Best product on the market for the price.

  203. Mike

    Thanks for the great product. Your support pages are excellent and your setup video made getting the Stratux up and running a breeze. thanks.

  204. Joel K

    At first I could not get the traffic to transpose on my AVARE software. It was seeing it as I could check on the browser connected to the network but just not getting it onto my screen. But after a message to Sean at Crewdog Electronics he quickly pointed me to a setting I needed to change in the AVARE add on app and after that the unit started picking up traffic and transposing it on my screen with the Stratux sitting my house. Took it outside and it was picking up lots more. This will be a great addition to the cockpit of my airplane. I have not yet flown with it now that I have if configured properly so I haven’t had a chance to see how the weather information works but will update you with that after I fly with it. Thank you Sean for this cost effective piece of electronics.

  205. csaggie

    Very nice product that works very well with ForeFlight. I use it with my iPhone and iPads and it’s nothing short of excellent. While I wish it had smaller or even internal antenna like similar products, I don’t think you can beat this purchase. I have used it with the included battery on quite a few flights now and have had no concerns about the quality or reliability of this device whatsoever. So far I’ve only flown with it in the back window using the battery, but I will try running closer up front off of 12 v plug to avoid having to charge the battery so often, and use it as a backup in the future.

    If I am flying an aircraft without ADS-B our I have noticed it will show a ghost of my own aircraft being reported, but it goes away after a bit and if I am not mistaken is a result of the aircrafts position and altitude (mode c) being sent back up from ground based ads-b stations.

    I almost bought a competitor product because it recorded and had built in CO. I’m glad I didn’t, though. I’ve saved enough buying this that I can afford a more robust and longer lasting CO device that is designed primarily for that task, which is probably a better bet in the long run.

    Overall, it’s great! And I’m thrilled to have saved so much money on this device versus others.

  206. Gary

    Very effective for monitoring other traffic in the area on my ipad. Easy setup, foolproof plug-and-play from there.

  207. LaDonna Shafer

    I normally dont review products but I am making an exception with this Stratus unit. I purchased this unit nearly a year ago and have flown several hours with it in my 172H. It has operated flawlessly, I couldn’t be more pleased. I have it mounted in my left side window which allows for easy access without blocking my view. I have also purchased several other items from Crewdog including his LED taxi and landing lights and goodie flash to enhance my visability as well has how others see me. I have chatted with Crewdog with several questions and he has not failed to to be very responsive. Excellent products and fantastic service.

  208. Leo

    Product is exactly as described and arrived within 2 days using Amazon Prime. Easy set-up with additional video instructions and Q&A on the website if need be. Seller is a veteran owned and operated business. While I have no issues whatsoever with the product, I’m confident that this Seller would address any issues is such was the case. My unit “fired right up” and performs as expected without having it out for a flight yet.

  209. pilot

    I fly several club and rental airplanes and wanted a portable ADS-B receiver. I decided to try Crewdog’s Stratux because it was half the price – and even less than half – of many other portable units and it got great reviews. This was my first portable unit and I didn’t want to spend $500 – $1200 on something I was not familiar with.
    All the excellent reviews are fully justified.
    1. The service is GREAT! Sean gets back to you within a few hours and answers all questions or concerns.
    2. The unit works perfectly. I tested this unit with ForeFlight and iFly GPS and it worked great. The AHRS was very stable and accurate – definitely useful as a backup in case of aircraft instrument failure. The WAAS GPS worked flawlessly and is very accurate.
    3. Reception of ADS-B traffic and weather is excellent.
    4. The unit’s software is very easy to customize.
    5. Like any electronic equipment – this unit is constantly being improved and updating the firmware is fast, easy, and free. This unit does not require any technical knowledge and worked for me right out of the box.
    6. Battery life of the included, rechargeable battery is excellent. I used the Stratux on several 2-hour flights, and the battery showed about 70% remaining. It’s also easy to use a spare portable battery for very long flights or if you won’t be able to recharge between flights.
    7. Another example of the great service is an EXTENDED free trial of iFly GPS for Crewdog customers
    This receiver a real bargain. Plus – it’s EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE and the fantastic, no-hassle customer service makes me 100% satisfied that I bought the Crewdog receiver.

  210. Daytona265

    Sean and his crew do an amazing job of putting together a great product. Followed the directions, synced with Foreflight, and was watching the traffic around me in minutes.


    Great product, especially if you rent aircraft. Very portable and well worth the price to have a bit of added safety.

  212. Dharamendra N Rawal

    I got this stratux receiver some time back and I am completely satisfied. It was easy to assemble and configuring the AHRS unit was pretty straight forward. My FlyQ efb software on the iPad connects to it right away and I can see the track, traffic and weather around me in full glory while flying. The battery is pretty solid and lasts for an entire day of flying on a full charge.

    The main reason I am writing this review is because of the outstanding customer support I received from this company. My unit stopped working due to a defective SD card and Sean Chuplis from customer support guided me through re-flashing the software. When that did not work, he shipped me a replacement SD card at no charge. My stratux is now back to mint flying condition again.

  213. Amazon Customer

    The responsiveness of the seller when I had questions was excellent. . The battery is providing power longer than advertised. Unit works well and company’s tutorial video starts with opening the box so you bypass usual errors .

  214. rjb

    Foreflight and FlyQ were able to see and start using it immediately

  215. Saltaras

    Just turned it on, stuck it to the window, and it worked perfectly in the LA Basin. Traffic and weather on foreflight without a hitch.

  216. Leia

    I just flew 1000 miles in a C150 and having current weather on my tablet was invaluable. This product is well assembled and worked flawlessly. I highly recommend purchasing from this seller.

  217. R Jenkins

    Extremely happy with out unit. Works well for our application.

  218. Akita

    Flown 3 XC with it and a flight to our practice area. I can not compare this with Sirrus or other products. What I can say is it did what it was advertised to do well. Was able to use it for ADS-B traffic and weather. I’m fairly happy with the data provided to foreflight. The larger footprint doesn’t bother me. Small learning curve for calibrating and really is just works outside of those details so for a sub $300 solution. I’ve very happy.

  219. Michael C Midkiff

    I’m a new PP and this is my first ADS-B Receiver. I’m using with my iphone it gives me more information than I can digest at this point in my flying experience. I bought a third party GPS case on Amazon that works nicely. It is nice that it is battery powered so that, if i lost my alternator and battery, I still have the information i need to get on the ground safely.
    Update 12/2/2019. I continue to be very satisfied with my Stratus. I now use it with an iPad Mini. The battery life is over 5 hours. I bought a spare battery and have never touched it. My longest flight to date is about 4.5 hours.

  220. Angel Texidor

    I initially planned on doing this myself by purchasing all the required parts. However, some parts were back ordered and could not proceed with the project. That worked in my favor! For a little more money you can order this system ready to work out of the box. Very happy with it 0 excellent support…have not used it but have received excellent email communication from vendor. If you have the extra money you will save yourself time and be assured that you will get a product that was tested and ready to go. Plus you get the support.

  221. Dr. John G. Ware

    So far so good.

  222. Matthew R.

    Just got this in the mail today a day early! Booted right up, connected my iPad to the network and then opened foreflight. Foreflight saw it right away and started pulling in traffic. Awesome product, don’t pay $1000 when you can get this one for $200!!! Can’t wait to take it up for my flight on Monday.

  223. Cre84

    Love this and it works well. Had a minor issue with theory card but seller was there to back the product.

  224. Andrew Swanson

    Works very well! ForeFlight had no problems linking to the receiver. I did over 4 hours of flight testing, and it did an excellent job of picking up traffic signals and feeding them to ForeFlight. AHRS system seems to have a gradual drift and occasionally needs to be reset, but this proved to be easy to do in-flight if needed. Overall, great value for the money!

  225. L. S. Brooksby

    I have used this for about 6 months both in my cherokee which has ADSB out and in my Cessna 310 which does not. I can see the traffic and it really helps. An inexpensive solution. The only problem that I have had is that after a while the unit quit talking to my phone and EFB. It turned out to be a corrupted SD card. I reflashed it once and it died again. I purchased another SD card for $5 at walmart and it is working fine now.

    Update after a year. I have had no more problems with the SD card. Both antennas came apart and when I put them back together I could not get the pins to come through for a proper connection. I contacted crew dog and they immediately sent replacements. Awesome people to work with.

  226. J. Stambaugh

    This has become a very effective means for me to fly with the ADS-B info I wanted at a much lower cost than the more popular brands. I use this unit regularly flying helicopters as a commercial pilot. I use the USB power plug to run the unit from the aircraft therefore eliminating the need to keep up with the battery. I’m very happy with this product.

  227. wlfpckrs

    Just what I was hoping for. I use it with Foreflight and Avare.

  228. Damon

    Wonderful product. Everything worked as expected and the quality of the device is great. Use it everyday and haven’t had any problems with it. It is 100% worth the buy from Crew Dog Electronics.

  229. JOHN

    Crew Dog Electronics are awesome! Not only are their products rock-solid, their supports is phenomenal. I needed a little education on re-calibrating the AHRS and Crew Dog responded to my text quickly, with the answer to my issue. The unit works great!

  230. DH

    After about three weeks my receiver failed to boot. After following Crewdog Electronics’ FAQ troubleshooting I contacted Tech Support. Sean said it sounded like the micro SD card failed. (I had some cards in inventory for other applications and spares. I highly recommend you keep an extra, flashed SD card in your flight bag.)
    Sean was right-on. The new SD card got the unit up and running.

    I was able to get some Foreflight screenshots of some heavy weather around Wichita, KS from the ground near KIXD’s ADS-B tower. It took about 15 minutes for complete weather data to be received. The locations of lightning strikes were virtually identical between Internet, hot spot, and Stratux received. This is a great safety tool to keep away from turbulence and hail.

    Thanks for the excellent customer Support and awesome weather display.

  231. Amazon Customer

    Happy with the unit and think it was a great value.

  232. Evan

    Opened box, hooked unit up and easily connected with iPad. Foreflight automatically and had traffic instantly. Cant wait to get in the air and try it out.

  233. Gerardo E Gutierrez

    Great product even greater company to buy from.

  234. Nanditha Raja

    Very good ads-b. Perfect for long flights. Helps me with added situational awareness. Very easy to connect and use.

    And cheaper than other Ads-b.

  235. Lauren H Chavez

    The product is great – no question. But, a great product means nothing without great SUPPORT. I’ve owned a similar item, but, different brand. I starting having issues with it, so, I reached out to the company. I think it took several attempts over a couple of weeks, and finally a negative Amazon review (for lack of support) to get them to respond. In the meantime, I ordered this one, not knowing if my other was dead. I got my other one working, but, I kept this all packaged up and ready to go “just in case.” Well, by the time I needed this one (about 6 mo later,) I couldn’t get it connected to my Wifi. I was frantic, and emailed and texted the owner. He responded to both text and email, and told me exactly what to do (he had posted a YouTube video, also, explaining the issue and showing how to resolve it.) It worked like a champ! Now, I keep my other as a spare to loan my fight students when they fly cross country, but, I keep my Crew Dog with me, every single flight! When my students ask me about it, I always tell them to only buy the one that says Crew Dog 🙂

  236. Jane

    A great product. Serves two iPads.

  237. terri kronen

    I bought it directly from CrewDogElectronics. It works great and does everything I need. Support if you have a problem is very good (FAQ page). You can’t go wrong.

  238. Brian Glick

    Came with suction mounts and a brand new external battery (as well as a strap to hold it to the device). Was very easy to set up and works perfectly with ForeFlight on my iPad. Also love the keychain!

  239. JohnE944

    Great Product, used it with FltPlanGo for a trip up to northern Michigan GPS was stable and accurate, love the ADS-B in other than FAA needs more towers in Norther Michigan. Decided, to forgo using the battery and plugged direct into a USB outlet which worked fine.

  240. Amazon Customer

    Works great!,

  241. Amazon Customer

    I haven’t flight tested it yet, so i cant speak for the weather function. The traffic function is amazing. Set the unit on my window ledge and sat inside watching airplanes as they flew over. i have spare batteries and there’s an adapter included in case you have your own battery. Assembly was super easy. Took 5 minutes tops, took about 30 seconds to connect and see airplanes. The battery that comes with the unit has a plug attached directly to the battery that unfolds and plug conveniently into the side of the Stratux. It has a “home built” look (with the strap for the battery, two antennas, and the actual unit itself, having to unplug it to turn it off) but it’s got twice as many features at less than half the price. It also had no problems picking up a signal from the middle of my living room so I have a hard time believing it’d have any trouble picking up a signal anywhere in an airplane.
    The fan kicked on a couple of times and seemed to work well to keep it cool. It’s easy to connect to an iPad and to use with ForeFlight. The video provided on youtube by crewdog was excellent. He explained everything very well. I ran it for two hours with no hiccups. My house is underneath the flight path of a busy airport and it always displayed traffic. Very excited to actually use this and see the weather features, but so far i’m Very very impressed with the product. The cable that comes with it is a little too short for a battery, so i may buy a bigger one…but that’s a minor detail. It comes with a 6000 MAH battery and I bought an extra 8000 MAH. It’s only a back up battery anyway. So far, very impressed.

  242. fly44d

    I gave tech support no stars because this worked great right out of the box. No. Issues.
    ForeFlight on an iPad immediately connected and all functions working great. I wish the ADS-B out will be as easy.

  243. Scott Able

    Just used this on a recent flight with my tablet and the Avare app. It worked perfectly and showed both weather and traffic. Nice to be out of the stone age for so little money. Battery life was great and we have also used the battery pack during a power outage last week to keep our phones charged.

  244. scott m

    Crew dog had me send back my unit when we determined that there was an issue with it. I sent it in and witrhin a day I had great communications that the unit had a bad board in it and it was replaced and sent back to me. You can not get much better than that now days. I use this in a heavy Corp. Jet while we await our appointment to have the main ADS-B unit installed. Great JoB Crew Dog

  245. W. Whicker

    I’ve flown with this guy several times now and LOVE it. Not only is it fully featured, but it’s reliable and so much less costly than the name brand devices out there. I paired mine to Foreflight and it works like a charm. I use the suction cups and stick it to the rear side window in our club Cherokee. Always gets good reception there with the antennas pointing skyward. I have a friend that lays hers on the dash, but it gets awfully hot there in the summer.

    Haven’t had any problems with the Stratux at all. It’s a little work to set up initially, but the instructions are really detailed and very well written, and the web site helps too. Videos are so helpful!

    I can’t say enough how much respect I have for Crew Dog. The packaging was excellent, and the kit is very thoughtfully assembled (I bought the version that’s prebuilt with only assembly of the battery-to-unit and suction cup bracket needed).

    As far as bulkiness, I worried about that, with those big ol’ antennas and overall size. But it’s not an issue at all after using it a bit. I keep the antennas in a slot in my flight bag and the unit in the main compartment with my headset. Prep for flight takes just a couple mins: screw on the antennas, plug the power cord in and stick it on the window. By the time I get get buckled in and set up my iPad, it’s ready to go.

    I also love that this is a small start-up outfit. I don’t mind buying good products from big companies, but I LOVE buying them from small competitors who still think like their own customers and love what they do more than just the profit. You go, Crew Dog!

  246. Naren

    It’s good for traffic and weather. Stable source and reliable always.

  247. nino welz

    Thanks for the support

  248. Coffee

    I bought the Bluetooth speaker case and use that as my case to store the ADS-B.

    Works as needed. It works on Foreflight and FltPlan Go (i’ve only tested it on those apps)

    I lost 2 of my suction thingys so that’s the only thing I didn’t like but the item still works great!

  249. Shane

    Came with everything and connected right up to the ipad no issues to report so far so good

  250. Bradlee M Quick

    Just received and set it up. Was super easy to get running and integrate with ForeFlight (both iPhone and iPad). Haven’t flown with it yet but looking forward to this week.

  251. Hadee Alhassanawi

    They claim three-four hours of battery life. You’ll definitely get more than that. I’ve gone three 1.5 hour flights without recharging and still have at least half the battery left.

    GPS works wonderfully. Very accurate although it sometimes does get a bit off.

    AHRS is okay. What you’d expect from a secondary device that isn’t built into the airplane.

    TIS/FIS is great! Never had any issues.

    Overall, this device is WELL worth the price. Way better than buying a $500-600 Stratus/Sentry. The $200 Scout doesn’t even have GPS nor does it have a built in battery. This is a bit bulky with the battery but it’ll never cause an issue in the cockpit. The suction cups are strong enough to never fall off the cockpit (in fact, you have to dig your nails into it after the flight to release the suction which shows great security). I returned my DualGPS device to get this. You could easily build your own Stratux for cheaper, but you won’t receive the great customer support CrewDogElectronics provides. I spent the extra price simply to have the support in case anything went wrong, and I was not let down. I’ve received nothing but great help from this small team and I highly recommend them!

  252. John Garretson

    This product works great and saved me $250 vs purchasing the stratus. I needed an upgrade to the “Scout” for adsb in as I recently purchased an airplane that does not have an artificial horizon. So the need to add AHRS was important to me. This fits the bill and works great.

  253. EC

    This has worked perfectly in my open cockpit experimental airplane. I don’t have a transponder so this lets me see who’s around. I’ve had jets pass at 250kts, no visual contact, but thanks to this device I can prevent an entry in the NTSB database.

    The SD card corrupted once so I emailed Crewdog support after midnight. Had it fixed by 8am! Excellent customer service!

  254. William B. Storey

    Excellent customer service. i had an issue with a battery and
    sean took care of it quickly. Unit is working great.

  255. Michael Ellison

    Right out of the box, does exactly what was promised. GPS accuracy is awesome. I purchased an IPAD Mini without cellular thinking that there was a gps chip in this thing. I was wrong. So after doing some searching online, this was the answer to my problem. I am so glad my iPad didn’t deliver or I would never have come across this tool. I am a new pilot and better situational awareness will for sure be a plus. I am going up with it tomorrow and I am sure I will never want to fly without it. Thanks to Crewdog for getting it RIGHT. Can’t find quality like this much anymore. Great job guys.

  256. Amazon Customer

    This product is awesome! I use it with my iPad and FlyQ-EFB. This takes situational awareness to a whole new level, and the ADSB traffic alerts are a game changer in the GA cockpit!

  257. Berrywd

    Does exactly what it is supposed to do.

  258. Capt_G

    Does what the Garmin GDL-39 and GDL-50 does but much less expensive. Very easy setup. You don’t have to be a Techie. I’ve only used it with ForeFlight but it works great. Every time I’ve flown with it the battery lasts over 5 hours but I fully expect that will decrease as the battery ages. I need to stretch my legs every 3 hours anyway. The Sratux is a perfect companion to my iPad mini. Great to see traffic and weather. Thanks CrewDog.

  259. Mb

    Everything was delivered in good order! Setting it up today had some problem with the tablet and the IFLYGPS app, but we will be back at it tomorrow and trust we can get the software talking better. (Cannot get the AHRS to run). All else is nice. Will be back with better info!.

  260. av8r

    Easy to setup ,works great.

  261. Frank M. Swett

    Great product.

  262. Peter Danzig

    CrewDog got back to me and is working with me to get my device working. I’ll update this review once all is working.

  263. Derek

    Thus far, the item was shipped and boxed well. It arrived quickly and I was able to understand the instructions and get it set up with little effort. The unit seems sturdy and I’ll be using it at work in our air ambulance aircraft for my personal iPad running Foreflight. I’ll follow up any reviews after a few fights. Great work and definitely a quality unit based on the hardware.

    Update: I’ve used this item for several trips now. It works great. I fly a learjet 35 and even at FL450, I’m still getting decent enough reception mounting it up front. I back up my radar with the weather layout and can pick up METAR’s well before destination, domestically. Even with TCAS, it’s also nice being able to set other traffic on my iPad. Definitely a great product and it will retain my previous 5 star rating.

  264. Skygirl

    This unit not only pulls in information very well, but has a built-in AHARS and is easy to assemble and use.

  265. francisco ramirez

    It works well with my iPad and foreflight

  266. Steve

    Worth every. Single. Penny. Period. It worked immediately aftet turning it on and has been fantastic! If youre a student pilot, looking to fly hundreds of hours towards a professonal, airline career, this is worth every penny. Even as a CFI, this would be very helpful even if just as a backup!

  267. Durwood Morris


  268. Joe B.

    A very affordable ADS-B in solution that works perfectly. I use mine with avare and am so glad I purchased this receiver. I run a GNS530W in my archer and a GTX330ES for ADS-B out and adding “in” to the Garmin stack was cost prohibitive. This receiver and a tablet gives me an affordable alternative.

  269. david m needham

    Only had it a week but already LOVE it. I had the scout which I lost but it was constantly disconnecting and I’d lose traffic. I am a CFI and fly a few times a week. I need a reliable unit. SO far I am really happy with it. Obviously my time with it has been limited and we’ll see how it goes but so far so good. Also, love the portable battery that comes with it and it lasts longer than advertised. I.e. after a 2 hour flight, I only lost one of the 4 blue power indicators indicating 75% power left. Great price too…thanks Crew Dog Electronics!

  270. Gary Englund

    Haven’t flown with it yet. Sitting in the house it works great. I’m using Ifly trial offer to get started. I can’t get the artificial horizon to work.

  271. Richard Illyes

    I was completely satisfied. The unit arrived, I watched the short video online, did the few simple assembly steps, placed the unit outside, followed the instructions, and saw traffic moving on ForeFlight.

  272. JJ

    Works exactly as described. I needed tech support for something and that was a great experience. Fast shipping as well.
    I have used it a couple times in the air and it picks up other traffic if they have ADS-B out. One time someone else was nearby and 1,000 feet lower – flight services called me on the radio to let me know I had traffic off my 3 o’clock and I already had them on my Foreflight display thanks to this device, but I could not see them. I was due to descend right around then, so that information was very helpful. Extra information is always good.

  273. CJ

    I was skeptical but went for it being a pilot on a budget. It has performed flawlessly over several flights. Not as compact or elegant as the full priced version but it does the job! No regrets so far…

    UPDATE: I’ve used this 6 months and it’s the best thing since sliced bread! Currently flying in busy Tampa class B and Sarasota class C airspace. Tremendous value for situational awareness for traffic and indispensable for navigation.

  274. Yousef Saleh Mansor

    Good stuff 👍

  275. Midwest Mom

    Great product! Works flawlessly with the FlyQ software on the iPad. Connection to the iPad on startup is quick and easy. It streams to more than one device at the same time which I did not know. It was a very long battery life. Most of my flight of an hour to 1 1/2 hour use 25% of the battery life. No problems so far.

  276. Mark Sirull

    What a wonderful little unit! And the amazing thing is… ya don’t have to assemble a THING… it works right out of the box! Being a lowly C-150 driver, I shuddered at the thought of spending $600, $800, or $1000 for one of the other, well-known brands. I’m tellin’ ya, at this price point, this thing is a NO BRAINER. Get one. Then, when your friends start bragging about their new GDL-52, you can ask ‘em, “So how much was it?” Hehehe.

  277. John Lok

    I got it recently and used it a couple of times and I am already loving it. It gives me accurate traffic and ads-b weather on my foreflight, and the gps is very accurate as well. It’s really easy to use. Just connect the power to the Stratux and use its app to check the status then I’m all set.

  278. DeadCenterSoul

    I use this tool for ground observations of local air traffic. I like it a lot. The build quality is good. The unit plays well with Virtual Radar Server. That said, it should not be shut down hard or used in a very hot ambient environment, as these can corrupt the Raspberry Pi SD card inside, requiring a re-flash. No big deal, and hardly unique to this particular STRATUX box. If I had a wish (not to gripe), it would be that I long for a STRATUX configuration, optimized (at least optionally) out of the box for connecting to this thing over Ethernet, rather than wireless, and for external data-logging of traffic on, say, 10-second intervals. It’s a need that few, if any, pilots will care about; but it’s still important to those like me, who need to log and archive traffic over a particular region. Sean of CrewDogElectronics has been very helpful with my questions. He sets a high bar for Amazon product vendors.

  279. fdw

    Great product! Works perfect.

  280. Michael

    Bought this to go with Foreflight. It’s a game changer! I bought it because it was less expensive than other brands I had been researching. Easy to use and the suction cups work excellent. I mounted it just inside the pilot corner of the window and the antennas fit vertically on a Piper Cherokee Warrior. Unit must be powered by the supplied battery pack or direct charge from your accessory outlet.

  281. Alex

    As a renter, I wanted something to give me cutting edge functionality (especially weather!) in older, cheaper planes that I occasionally fly. Overall, this solves that problem very well for me, and I imagine that this will be useful far beyond the ADS-B out requirement for this reason. Separately, I love flying the DA40 with a full G1000 suite, AP, etc. For these aircraft, I find that this device is more of a nuisance/distraction than it is helpful. Make sure to buy the GPS attachment, as without it, you might as well say goodbye to having location above a few thousand feet (not sure why, but that’s what I’ve observed with ForeFlight)

  282. Ron

    Had an issue with the battery connection to the unit.
    Tech support jumped on it and fixed the battery issue.
    You won’t find a better navigation unit out there. I absolutely love flying with it and its extremely accurate!
    I can’t say enough about how great the company and unit are.

  283. Lisa


  284. Craig Bransfield

    Works great with Avare – set up was “by the book” and very quick. Looking forward to flight tests shortly using LG G7 smartphone as display.

  285. G. G.

    The Stratux arrived and worked great, with the exception of one of the four suction cups that had been mangled in production it appears. I sent an email to crewdog electronics with a photo and they have a new one out in the mail the next day. Very appreciated!

  286. Brian

    I followed the directions and it worked as described. Great resource for a lot less money. As a pilot that just flies for fun throughout the year, I’m glad to have a lower cost way to maintain good situational awareness. Thanks, Crew Dog! Nice work!

  287. Ron

    Works like a charm. Technical help is immediately available if you have problems.

  288. Skywriter

    I purchased this device a while back and am now writing a review based on the terrific customer support I received. If you are looking for a low cost ADS-B in unit for situational awareness, this is a great choice. I fly in a variety of aircraft (Citation 650, King Air 350 and my own 172RG, none of which have ADS-B in (out is mandated for everything but my Cutlass). If you’re already using this technology in your cockpit, nothing else needs to be said; if you’re not, you need to get on the bandwagon and embrace the advantages provided by ADS-B in and out.

    Speaking directly to the issue of customer support, after almost two years, I ran into an issue with my unit. I was upfront with their representative about the age of the unit and they still took it upon themselves to troubleshoot, repair, and return my unit for the grand total of $4.00 (Seriously…I spent more in postage to get it to them; it came back postage paid)! The technician I dealt with was professional, polite, and kept me updated throughout the entire process. Without a doubt, they exceeded my expectations. As of two hours ago, I had it back in my plane and providing much needed traffic alerts and destination weather long before I’ll ever get in range for the ATIS. Thank you!

  289. Ayler Cruz

    Putting it together was easy. It works good so far.

  290. sean oreilly

    Well worth the money. Used it in almost ifr conditions over 100 miles keeping tabs of plane 2 miles to west and 200 foot above on parallel course. Whole time flight followed confirmed. Never saw plane but glad I had this to see for me

  291. geoff pentz

    loved it… simple and easy to operate.

  292. Sgt Mac

    Plugged it in to the supplied battery fired up the iPad and connected right away no fuss no muss and works better than a battalion humvee right out of the box. The built in internal web monitoring app is a great bonus as it allows you to monitor your Stratux on your iPad in flight and works great with my ForeFlight app. As soon as the polar bears vacate the runway I plan on taking it for a cross country up here in the frozen north. I highly recommend Crew Dog Electronics for all your ADS-B In needs and the price is right.

  293. The Ratz Laugh

    Yes, you could order all the parts and put it together by yourself, possibly for less. This one come fully assembled except for screwing on the antenna. AND it is tested. That is well worth the extra dollars in mho.

    Steps taken:
    1. Unbox
    2. Attach 2 different antennas to the correct port
    3. Add the 4 suction feet to the bracket (optional)
    4. Charge the battery
    5. Attach battery to case with loop fastener
    6. Plug battery into case
    7. On tablet (Android) select WiFi hot spot for “stratux”
    8. Start App (in my case Avare)
    9. Use App setup to enable ADS B and external GPS
    10. Go fly

    SIMPLE!! Thanks Crewdog!!!

  294. Ourevolution Engineering, Inc.

    Right out of the box worked as described. Tons of information on the Crew Dog website and YouTube channels.

  295. Armand


  296. smith

    This unit is a must have item and has been very beneficial to the safety of flight. The price is amazing for why this unit accomplishes.
    I highly recommend this product if you don’t have anything.

  297. Vern Strubeck

    First unit I purchased quit working three weeks after I got it Called and wrote company but no response Second unit appears to work

  298. Dw

    Just did my first flight with this unit. Worked great. Reception in ForeFliight was “marginal” but I was able to see other traffic very well. AHRS worked well too. I got the external gps model and the accuracy with the pick sitting on the dash was 3m at all times. Perfect solution for a third of the price of the commercial units

  299. Robert

    Found the product better than advertised. Web site also had a video to help along. I don’t fly without it. Would have been nicer if these unites were available 20 year ago.

  300. Dale Ramsey

    Very impressed with the operation of this device.

  301. Amazon Customer

    Quality ADS-b in product at low cost and a Company that is a pleasure to work with.

  302. Wingo

    Note I’m writing a review for the product which was purchased for me by my company.

    I have built Stratux receivers for myself and friends, but now that I have a CrewDog receiver in hand my assessment is that the difference in price between the parts and one’s labor and buying the receiver assembled is worth it. CrewDog clearly took the time to ensure the quality of the parts and took the time to ensure that modules / fan / etc would stay assembled under vibration. In fact we order another four units for work…

  303. Couch Dweller

    As a pilot, an ADSB user, and a Raspberry Pi aficionado, I think this is one of the most impressive products I have ever seen, especially for the price.

  304. Solid Lee

    Its not bad for a kit. However I bought the kit because buying parts one by one is not fast enough. So i throw away the case and opened up the battery and Autodesk Inventored a new case.

  305. Backsight Forethought

    Great product!

    I basically can end the review there too. I read about Stratux on reddit while looking at low-end receivers (I wasn’t going to dish out $600 for higher-end products). This works. Amazingly. I didn’t even stick it in my window – just left it in my 3 Day Multicam Bag in the back of the 172 and had all the situational awareness I needed for flight/debrief.

    For those who like to look at gripes, only worry is that it wasn’t designed to be rucked around. (maybe be creative with a container for it?)

    Great job Sean! Definitely buy again from Crew Dog Electronics for future needs.

  306. Sam Simonetti

    Works great with my Samsung devices.

  307. Amazon Customer

    All working great.

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